B.Sc in Animation & VFX Overview

B.Sc in Animation & VFX or also popularly known as Bachelor of Science in Animation and VFX is a popular triennial undergraduate course in India. Several private and government educational institutions, both universities and colleges, cater the course to interested candidates across the country. Bachelor's course is an appropriate option for candidates looking to pursue an appealing career in gaming, VFX or animation industry. Although most colleges and universities offer it as a full-time course, a few others provide the undergraduate course on a part-time basis as well.

Being a diverse field, visual effects include lighting, modelling, rendering, texturing, etc. The entire 3-year term of B.Sc in Animation & VFX is divided into six semesters. Either 5th or 6th semester offers candidates the chance to choose between different specialisations of VFX. The Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX degree imparts the knowledge of classical as well as digital methods to students.

The Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX course has a great potential in India. This is because of the rapid digital transformation going on across the nation. New opportunities in digital professional areas of work, like animation and gaming, are sprouting at a rapid rate. Owing to the immense digital opportunity in India, more and more candidates are opting for the professional triennial course. Candidates with a creative and imaginative mindset are perfect for pursuing B.Sc in Animation & VFX course.

After successfully completing Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX degree, candidates can choose either to work or continue studies. Students interested in pursuing a higher programme can opt for M.Sc in Animation & VFX or some other animation-related programme. Nonetheless, various opportune job profiles are available for candidates looking to venture on a lucrative career.

B.Sc in Animation & VFX: Skills Required

Candidates interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX degree needs to be artistically compelling. They need to have a healthy imagination and ability to quickly shuffle contexts for a particular idea. Having the basic knowledge of computer graphics and software is an advantage for undergoing the undergraduate course. The following list enumerates essential skills required to pursue B.Sc in Animation & VFX degree:

  • Creative ability
  • Strong imagination/visualisation power
  • Acquainted with the basics of computer, software and graphics
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of the latest developments in computer visuals and animation.

B.Sc in Animation & VFX: Career and Job Prospects

Several opportune job profiles are available for candidates with B.Sc in Animation & VFX degree. Ranging from gaming to cinema, VFX professionals are required by a number of digital firms. Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX graduates are apt to developing projects ranging from websites to animated movies and games. Top career profiles available for Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX candidates are briefed as follows:


Animation involves a number of phases, ranging from building models to adding lighting and texture. An animator is a professional proficient in animation. Graduates with B.Sc in Animation & VFX are appropriate for working as animators. As these candidates are skilled in CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery), working as an animator is the top career option.

Animators are adept at 2D as well as 3D animation. Some projects demand animators to artistically mix 2D and 3D elements to create something unique. These professionals need to meet clients and carefully understand animation concepts. Animators work in line with sound professionals, programmers and graphic designers to bring an artistic project to life.

Career as an Animator

Graphic Designer

The job profile of a graphic designer is fitting for candidates with the B.Sc in Animation & VFX degree. Graphic designers need to meet clients or an art director to determine the scope of a project. Professionals are responsible for developing appropriate graphics to provide a unique identity to different products and services.

Graphic designers need to identify colour scheme for a particular graphics project, choose images and text style, design logos, et cetera. These professionals are paid handsomely for their consummate services. Both part-time and full-time vacancies are available for candidates looking to pursue a career as a graphic designer.

Career as a Graphic Designer

Web Designer

Another opportune career profile for B.Sc in Animation & VFX graduates is that of a Web designer. The job requires candidates to be well versed in computer programming, in addition to graphic designing. Web designers are responsible for creating apt Websites for businesses as well maintaining and improving them over time.

In some scenarios, Web designers need to work as part of a Web designing team. Aside from looks of a Website, Web designers may also need to take care of the layout and features of the same. These professionals might decide to work on a full-time basis or go freelance, whichever suits them the best.

Career as a Web Designer


After doing B.Sc in Animation & VFX, Visualisers is another career option. Visualisers are talented professionals that bring creative ideas to reality in a digital or print form. Candidates with the Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX degree are apt to work as visualizers. These professionals need to gain ideas from a rough paper design and add visuals to them by using their technical skills.

These professionals provide services across a wide range of fields, ranging from the gaming industry to animation studios. Depending on the task that needs to be visualised, the portfolio varies from person to person. Nonetheless, these professionals receive a decent amount of money.

Other Job Options

Other than aforementioned job profiles, B.Sc in Animation & VFX graduates can choose to work as 2D/3D designers, 3D modellers, AV editors, compositors, multimedia programmers, production executives, and technical writers.


Facilities by Arena Animation Aptech

By Aman Verma Suryavanshi (Class of 2017) , 8 months, 1 week ago
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The institute is listed as the best animation institute in India. The facilities here are up-to-date. The institute provides the best placements and have an award winning centre. Mr. Doori Teja and Suminder sir are the best teachers and got the best teachers in Graphics. The institute has more than 5000 students. The faculty makes us learn things in a very easy way. The campus life is good.

Feedback of the institute overall

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College has a good name. It’s amongst the best colleges. Education is fair. In my journey I realized the name is more heavy then the education. Don’t really have placements so you really have to be good on your own. Otherwise campus is good. Faculty is okay.

On the basis of learning and teaching

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I love my college. It is an amazing college and they have the best teachers. There are shopping complex and markets near the campus. The hostel is good but the mess food is not that good. The college crowd is average. Placements from our college provided to us are great and good companies visit the campus for recruitment.

B.Sc in Animation & VFX: Eligibility Criteria

Although most institutions offering the Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX don’t require candidates to undergo and clear a specific entrance test, some do. Candidates with a class 12th certificate are eligible to apply for the course. The eligibility criteria to apply for B.Sc in Animation & VFX degree are as follows:

The higher secondary education, Class 12th, certificate in any stream with computer as a mandatory subject from any recognised state education board or the central education board with at least 55% marks in aggregate or an equivalent CGPA

There is no age limit for pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX degree.

B.Sc in Animation & VFX Specializations

B.Sc in Animation & VFX course provides the knowledge of animation and visual graphics to candidates. Moreover, the triennial course educates candidates in various aspects of graphics designing, such as modelling, texturing and lighting. During the last year of the 3-year course, candidates need to choose a specialisation from the giant pool of sub-fields of visual designing.

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