What is Multimedia Technology?

Multimedia Technology is a specialised branch of science that specifically deals with interactive computer elements, such as sound, graphics, text, animation and video, and their utilisation in the development of online graphics and content. An ideal career choice for tech-minded individuals, multimedia courses – both undergraduate and postgraduate – allow such folks to learn the essentials of creating computer-based, new and wholly interactive applications. 

Skill Sets Required for Multimedia Technology

Basic knowledge of HTML, XML, JAVA and Visual Basics

Proficiency in Photoshop and Dreamweaver

Communication Skills

Imaginative frame of mind

Ability to handle troubleshooting


Presentation Skills

Excellence is the number one key

By Mrudula Bagayatkar (Class of 2020) , 1 week, 6 days ago
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Our college concentrates on excellence and students' improvement. SID has a very nice campus, consisting of an amphitheatre which is in the centre of the campus, two sports grounds, and an auditorium just after the entrance of the campus. Basic facilities like Corporate Bank, ATM, Xerox centre, and a stationery shop can be found on the campus.

A good place to start your professional life

By Sharmeishtha Singh (Class of 2020) , 1 week, 6 days ago
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College life is the dream life. There is a whole new kind of independence, fun, friends and experience associated with it. So when I got into SID, I had some basic expectations, and, I'll admit, some apprehensions as well. After all, growing up in a country which teaches you that IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, and of course the good DU colleges are supposedly the only places worth going makes you apprehensive about every other educational institution. SID did not meet my expectations, it exceeded them. The campus, though small, is clean and well maintained. We have decent classrooms and labs with good equipment. The course (at least for Foundation year) is well structured. College staff is very helpful. The faculty is mixed but hey, what's college life sans one antagonistic professor? Most surprisingly, discipline is maintained inside the campus so I officially quash all rumours that hint otherwise. The culture is pretty awesome here with the seniors being really friendly, great fests and everyone being hard working in general. There are ample opportunities everywhere no matter what you want to do, academic or extracurricular, you just have to grab them. Pune, of course, is a brilliant city for students. However, there are some drawbacks and room for improvement in many things. But nothing that'll hold you back if you're passionate about your field and life!

A brief look at how is the life of a Symbi student!

By Anonymous , 1 month, 1 week ago
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So foundation year, the year when we take the leap from being a school kid to college student. Entering Symbiosis with many great expectations given its reputation.But after the induction program is finished in the first week with everyone now isolating themselves to a limited people and swear to be friends for a lifetime, but little do they know it'll hardly last a semester.On the other hand, some kids who had been aspiring to be designers all their life are sitting in the class like a loaded gun, ready to fire, stacking faculty with doubts and trying to prove to everyone else in the class that they are superior.But the faculty will make it their personal goal to demotivate a student to that level that he would rather prefer working in a catacomb because it's less dark.So now after losing all inspiration, the kid is driven to do different things, bad things because now he knows there is no use of trying to do well in the first year and he just needs to pass, ends up getting a backlog.Anyways the kid would think that second year will be a fresh start for him because why not? After all, it's his specialisation now, but he can't fully concentrate because end semester foundation year backlog is catching up with him.This will keep happening and the faculty just doesn't pass people till they are on the verge of ATKT. So finally free of the past trying to catch up with him now he tries focusing on the real work.Now third year is where the real work begins ,where things get real and you know it's either a make or break year for you because this is what will define who you do internship with and you'll get an insight of what's to come in the fourth year and what you need to do to score a resplendent job.

Multimedia Technology at Undergraduate Level

Undergraduate level diploma and degree courses in Multimedia attract the attention of individuals who wish to dig deep into this specialised branch of study. Accordingly, while some end up enrolling themselves in diploma courses, others prefer pursuing a full-time 3 to 4 years degree course.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who wishes to pursue an undergraduate level degree or diploma course in Multimedia should have passed 10+2 / HSC / equivalent examination from a recognised board. For Advanced Diploma, however, the minimum pass percentage required is 55 percent.

Admission Process

Instead of conducting common entrance test for admission to a degree or diploma course in Multimedia, colleges and universities across India invite applications from deserving candidates. Accordingly, based on their merit list, they allot seats to the best candidates looking forward to pursuing their degree and diploma courses in multimedia. The top colleges and institutes that offer undergraduate level multimedia courses include Faculty of Animation & Multimedia CGC, Academy of Animation and Gaming, IIDAA Kolkata, VIT Vellore and SFMC Allahabad.

Duration, Delivery Type and Fee Structure

Mode of Program

B.Sc. Multimedia

B.Sc. Multimedia Web & Technology

BA Multimedia

B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia

Advanced Diploma in multimedia

Full Time

3 Years (80k to 2.50 Lakh)

3 Years (1.2 to 2.30 Lakh)

3 Years(1.86 Lakh and above)

3 Years (50K to 2Lakh)

12 to 14 months (70K and above)

Distance Learning

3 Years (80k to 1.9 Lakh)


3 Years (24K and above)



Multimedia Technology at Postgraduate Level

Aspirants of PG level multimedia courses have ample options to consider before they eventually zero in on one. Some of the options available for them include M.Sc. in Multimedia and Post Graduate Diploma in 3D Animation.

Eligibility Criteria

For PG Diploma in 3D Animation, aspirants need to have a graduation degree or equivalent in any discipline from any registered university. However, for those seeking admission to M.Sc. in Multimedia, it is necessary to have completed their graduation in Science stream. 

Admission Process

While some colleges and universities conduct entrance exams for different PG multimedia programs, rest of them give due weightage to graduation scores of aspirants. Some of the popular colleges, universities and institutes that offer PG diploma and degree courses in Multimedia include Academy of Animation and Gaming, Bharath Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Information Science and Technology, Anna University, and School of Education Technology, Jadavpur University.

Duration, Delivery Type and Fee Structure

Mode of Program

MA Multimedia

M.Sc. Multimedia

Post Graduate Diploma In 3D Animation

Full Time

2 years (50K to 1.5 Lakh)

2 Years (1.5 to 2.20 Lakh)

15 Months (80K t0 1.5 Lakh)

Distance Learning


2 years (50K and above)



Specializations, Syllabus and Job Prospects at Undergraduate Level

The list of undergraduate level courses in Multimedia Technology is varied enough to include several degrees and diploma courses in a range of specialisations, some of which include Multimedia, Web Technology, VFX and 3D Animation.

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science in Multimedia

An undergraduate Multimedia, Gaming and Animation course, B.A. (Multimedia) has its focus on Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing and Lighting. Right from the fundamental principles of Art and Design to Professional Video Editing Techniques, the undergraduate course delves deep into the realms of Animation & Visual Effects.


While pursuing B.A. Multimedia, students can learn the essential tenets of Graphics, Desktop Publishing, Digital Art Photography, Web Designing, JAVA, HTML Basics, 2D Animation, 3D Modelling & Animation, Digital Editing, Sound Editing and Director Basics.

Job Prospects

The B.A. Multimedia job types include Animators, Modellers, Art Directors, Visual Effects Supervisors, Pre-Visualization Artists, Character Designers and Storyboard & Concept Artist.

B.Sc. Multimedia & Web Technology

A comparatively wider course of specialisation than B.A. or B.Sc. in Multimedia, this undergraduate-level course emphasises on Multimedia, Animation, Gaming and a host of mechanisms related to Web Technology.


The major subjects that constitute the core syllabus of B.Sc. Multimedia & Web Technology include Mathematical Structures for Computer Science, Data Structures & C Programming, Internet & JAVA Programming, Computer Graphics, Animation Techniques, 3Ds MAX Animation, Web Technology and HTML, XML, JAVA Script Lab.

Job Prospects

B.Sc. Multimedia & Web Technology graduates can become Web Designers, Web & Graphics Designers, Multimedia Architects, Media Planners (TV Print & Multimedia) and Application Developers (Web & Mobile Technologies).

Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation, VFX and Multimedia

Highly advisable for those who wish to acquire complete knowledge of 3D Animation & Visual Effects and 2D Classical & Digital Animation, the Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation, VFX and Multimedia is a widely accepted and recognised diploma course after 10+2.


Students of Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation, VFX and Multimedia study Traditional Arts & Digital Techniques, Basics of Film Making, 3D Basics & 3D Environment Design, 3D Character Design and Fundamentals of UV Layouts.

Job Prospects

Some job profiles suitable for individuals who have a professional Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation, VFX and Multimedia include Texturing Artists, VFX Animators, VFX Special Effects Artist, 3D Modellers, 3D Generalists and VFX Lighting & Shading Artists.

Advanced Diploma in Multimedia

After 10+2, several multimedia courses’ aspirants consider pursuing the Advanced Diploma in Multimedia. This particular course helps aspirants to gain technical and creative knowledge, apart from learning the skills like transforming 2D graphics into 3D and other broad-based skills.


Advanced Diploma in Multimedia course students study Fundamentals of Multimedia, Instructional Design, Multimedia Production, Web Publishing & Graphics, Advanced Computer Graphics, Multimedia Authoring and Digital Design & Animation.

Job Prospects

Some professional positions worth exploring for Advanced Diploma in Multimedia individuals include Multimedia Designer, Art Director, Web Designer, Web Developer, Multimedia Programmer and Film Post-Production Artist.

Specializations, Syllabus and Job Prospects at Postgraduate Level

M.Sc. in Multimedia

A two-year postgraduate level course, M.Sc. (Multimedia) has Animation, Multimedia and Gaming as its core components. Furthermore, it involves the study of various computer-based interactive applications, apart from instructive and practical use of several software programs.


M.Sc. in Multimedia is a dream of many would-be multimedia professionals who study the ins and outs of Script Writing, Storyboard Designing, Desktop Publishing, 2D Animation, 3D Advanced (Modelling and Animation), Digital Editing, Cartoon Animation and Interactive Media as the core curriculum of this course.

Job Prospects

Some popular job types for M.Sc. Multimedia Technology degree holders include Assistant Manager Sales - Technology Vertical, Instructional Designer, Multimedia & Framework Expert and Graphic Artists.

Post Graduate Diploma in 3D Animation

This particular course finds favour among those who seek professional and personal development within Multimedia and 3D Animation discipline.


Apart from exploring the contents of Fundamentals of Visual Arts, Anatomy & Illustration, Animation Concept, Scriptwriting and Storyboard Designing, PG Diploma in 3D Animation students get hands-on training on Computer Graphic, 3D Animation, 3D Production and Post-Production.

Job Prospects

After successful completion of the PG Diploma course, students can explore career opportunities as Graphics Designers, Animation Designers, Advertising Managers and Gaming Experts.

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