What is Web Designing?

In the increasingly competitive world today, the web dominates the way we do business, study, buy products, hire services or do anything else. Considering the importance of web presence for businesses to launch, advertise, market, sell products and services worldwide, having a visually appealing, feature rich, easy to navigate and user-friendly website is simply indispensable. In such a situation, doing web designing in a way to suit the peculiar needs, specific requirements and concerns of businesses across industries does the trick.

Keeping in mind the trend of having a strong online presence among businesses of any size today, the role and demand for web designers have increased considerably. And, to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise, many prestigious colleges and universities in India offer courses for web designing and expert maintenance. A web designing course consists of different areas that include interface design, web graphic design and authoring comprising user experience design, standardised codes, proprietary software and search engine optimisation.

Skill Sets Required for Web Designing

Knowledge of Art and Colour Theory

 Art of Creating a Design with Flow

Visually Artistic Nature

Understanding of Web Programming

Understanding of Scripting Languages

Knowledge Web Design Applications

Perfectionist Attitude

Problem-Solving Skills

Ability to Meet Deadlines