Web Development Syllabus

At the Diploma Level

The curriculum of most of the web development courses include Introduction to Web Technologies, Adobe Photoshop, HTML 4.01, XHTML, HTML5, CSS Optimization Tips, Using CSS for Real-time Practical Works, CSS 3.0, Types of CSS Selectors, CSS Properties, Adobe Dreamweaver, JavaScript, Ajax Concepts, Adobe Flash, Web Hosting, and SEO Concepts, among other. The syllabus is provided in this article would give you an in-depth idea about the subject specification, which remains more or less the same, throughout various institutions. 

Elaborating syllabus on various subjects, these are:


HTML Basics,  HTML Elements, HTML Attributes, HTML Syntax, HTML Headings, HTML Paragraphs, HTML Links, HTML Formatting, HTML Links, HTML Images, HTML Responsive, HTML Entities, HTML Tables, HTML Forms, HTML5 API, HTML5 Canvas, HTML5 SVG, HTML5 Data Storage, HTML5 Audio and Video, HTML Offline, HTML Geo-location, HTML Web Workers, HTML5 Web sockets, HTML5 Messaging API, HTML5 Working with drag and drop.


Introduction to CSS, CSS Rounded Corners, CSS Border Images, CSS Introduction, CSS Backgrounds, CSS Syntax, CSS Colours, CSS Text, CSS Animations, CSS Backgrounds, CSS Responsive Web Design – Introduction, CSS Fonts, CSS Links, CSS Lists, CSS Tables, CSS Box Model, Media Queries, CSS Margins, Dimensions, Display, CSS Responsive Web Design – Images, CSS Navigation Bar, CSS Attribute Selectors, Frameworks, etc.


JavaScript Introduction, JavaScript Booleans, JavaScript Output, JavaScript Comparisons, JavaScript Variables, JavaScript Conditions, JavaScript Operators, JavaScript Switch, JavaScript Arithmetic, JavaScript Loops, JavaScript DataTypes, JavaScript Break, JavaScript Assignment, JavaScript Type, JavaScript Functions, JavaScript Forms (API and Validation), JavaScript Objects, JavaScript Objects, JavaScript Scope, JavaScript Functions, JavaScript Events, JavaScript DOM, JavaScript Strings and String, JavaScript Browser BOM, Methods, JavaScript Frameworks, JavaScript Numbers and Number, JavaScript Math, etc.


Introduction to Jquery, JQuery HTML, JQuery Introduction, JQuery Get, JQuery Syntax, JQuery Set, JQuery Selectors, JQuery Add, JQuery Events, JQuery Remove, JQuery Effects, JQuery CSS Classes, JQuery Hide/Show, JQuery FadeJQuery Dimen sions, JQuery Slide, JQuery Traversing, JQuery Animate, JQuery Traver sing, JQuery Stop, JQuery Ancestors, JQuery Callback, JQuery Descen dents, JQuery Chaining, JQuery Siblings JQuery Filtering, JQuery AJAX, JQuery AJAX Introduction, JQuery Load and JQuery Get/Post.                                       


Bootstrap Introduction, Bootstrap Components, Bootstrap Plugins, Bootstrap Grids, Bootstrap JS, etc.


Introduction to PHP, PHP with Mysql, PHP Introduction, PHP Mysql Data base, Installing PHP, PHP Connecting to Database, PHP Syntax, PHP Creating Records, PHP Variables, PHP Selecting Records, PHP Data Types, PHP Deleting Records, PHP Strings, PHP Updating Re cords, PHP Constants, PHP Limit Data, PHP Operators, PHP Insert Multiple, PHP Programming Loops, PHP Functions, AJAX with PHP, PHP Arrays, PHP Superglobals, AJAX PHP, AJAX Database, PHP Forms and XML, AJAX XML, PHP Form Handling, AJAX Live Search, PHP Form Validation (Server side), AJAX RSS Reader, PHP Required, PHP XML Parsers, PHP SimpleXML Parser, PHP SimpleXML Get, PHP XML DOM and PHP XML Expat.                                                                                     


MySQL Introduction, MySQL Administration, MySQL Installation, Understanding SQL, SQL Syntax: SQL Select, Select TOP, SQL Distinct, SQL Where, SQL And & OR, SQL Order BY, SQL Insert Into, SQL Update, SQL Delete, SQL LIKE, SQL WildCards, SQL In, SQL Between, SQL Aliases, SQL Joins, SQL Create DB, SQL Keys (Primary Key, Foreign Key), SQL Create Index, SQL Functions: Avg(),Count(),First(),Last(),Max(),Min(), Sum(),UCase(),LCase(),Mid(),Len(),Round(),Now(), and Format().

At the Certificate Level

Web development courses at the certificate level impart the required skills and training needed to create user-friendly websites.

Web Development Certificate courses prepare students for the following:

Building next generation websites

Project (open source) & technology upgrades

Optimise the web for search engines

Web application development using PHP

UI/UX for responsive design

Querying with MySQL

Working with Jquery

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