In-House Skill Development Course at Dalulat Ram College

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Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi has started the second edition of in-House Skill Development Course from December 2015.

Skill development
After successful completion of first round of in-house skill development courses, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi has started its second edition from December 2015. 
These course help the individual to deal in the day-to-day challenges like lack of self-efficacy, anxiety and stress due to the growing competition in the era of globalization.
Courses at a glance:

B)  “Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Skills”: Psychology Department (from December 11-18, 2015)

  • The course aims at helping the students to intensify their emotional intelligence skills which by any means helps them to adept at understanding their own as well as others’ emotions
  • Helps them in enhancing their personality as well as maintain healthy relationships
  • Find good employment opportunities and excel in their careers
  • Intrapersonal Understanding: To increase awareness and understanding of one’s emotions
  • Intrapersonal Management: To enhance management of one’s emotions.
  • Interpersonal Understanding: To strengthen the understanding of the emotions of other people
  • Interpersonal Management: To enhance communication of feelings, relationship building and developing others
Course detail:
  • Duration of the course: Two weeks; December 11-18, 2015
  • Field work for project during the winter break
  • ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate students of all disciplines
  • The courses are in the disciplines of Psychology, Philosophy, History and Chemistry (two week duration each)

B) “Successful Decision Making: Essential Strategies and Skills”: Philosophy Department

This course enables the students to excel the various tools and techniques of effective decision making. Through this course they will be able to identify the problems, reflecting on probable situations and to find the analytical solutions.
  • Course duration: December 18, 2015-January 6, 2016
  • ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate students of all disciplines
  • Total Seats: 25 (to be allotted on first come first served basis)
  • Timings: 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m

C) “Understanding Heritage”: history department

This course is segregated into seven sections, each section with individual topic.
  • The first section would deal with defining and understanding the meaning of heritage. 
  • The second would locate the various places, which house our heritage and the organizations, which work towards their conservation and preservation. 
  • The third would look at the existing policies and legislations in place, and hence the relevance of law in the protection of our heritage. 
  • The fourth would reflect on the challenges, which we face vis-à-vis heritage in terms of black marketing of valuable artifacts, disfiguring of monuments and even heritage versus development debate.
  • Scientific conservation and preservation would also be flagged during this discussion. 
  • The fifth rubric locates the potential of our heritage in travel and tourism thereby linking heritage to Indian economy. 
  • The sixth would be a tour of Delhi Ridge to see some specimens of our heritage in our own backyard, reflecting as much on their nature as their afterlife. 
  • The seventh rubric is a student input. The students will make a project and give a presentation of the same, on any issue related to or inspired from this course. 



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Source: Yoshieta Gupta, HTCampus Specialist

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