10 Awesome Tips to Get Recruiters’ Attention

Sarika Rana updated on : 28 Feb 2017

Employment not only depends on academic prowess, but it also depends on how you stand out amid stiff competition.

10 Awesome Tips to Get Recruiters’ Attention

According to a study by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), in India, over 90 percent engineering or technology graduates attend on-campus interviews across the country. However, only 50 percent are able to crack the interviews and get placements in good companies. The students who do not get through generally take up higher education, while there are some who refuse to accept job offers on a certain package.

AICTE studies also reveal that between 2012 and 2015, 44.42%-47.08% of the engineering students across the country were placed, while in 2012-13, out of 6,03,657 engineering and technology graduates, 2, 68,177 (44.42%) accepted job offers. In 2013-14, 2,89,784 students (44.03%) were placed out of the 6,58,104 who appeared for interviews. In the year 2014-15, the percentage increased to 47.08%; 6,99,253 students graduated and 3,29,276 landed jobs.

Out of 3,375 engineering colleges in the country, 192 are situated in Karnataka. From the year 2012 to 2015, the placement percentage in Karnataka stood at 42.58%, 43.43% and 48.23%, witnessing a marginal increase every year.

Out of all the South Indian states in the country, Tamil Nadu has fared well with an average percentage of 55.90%-60-76%. In case of Kerala, the figure was 48.58% for 2012-2013; in the next two years, it shot up to 50.04% and 50.96% respectively.

The reasons for the instability in the numbers above can vary. Employment does not only depend upon academic prowess, but it also depends on how you stand out amid stiff competition. To land a job, you must be a mix of technical ability, personal skills, personality and practical experience in specific areas. With the right research, plan and action, you can easily make companies want to recruit you.

Let us outline various aspects other than just knowledge that can help you land a place on every potential employer’s wish list:

A Well-Outlined Resume

Your resume is a summary of your professional and academic journey; make sure you have made it worth a glance. Resume is the first document that gets you to the interviewer; leave no chance to make it crisp, short yet convincing. Mention all your important achievements whether academic or professional and highlight your stronger points. It is imperative to keep the number of pages of the resume very less (about two-three). You will need to grab the recruiter’s attention and a short and crispy document is a recruiter’s paradise.

Formidable Online Presence

Social media nowadays is one of the best ways to create networks. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your online presence impressive and formidable. Your presence and content on your social media can create a positive or negative impact on the recruiter. Portray yourself as a brand and position yourself right on the internet. Some of these sites include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that can help you bag a job, provided you have relevant and sensible content. The bottom line is, your online identity and presence will make a powerful difference in your job search, make it as impressive as you can.

Dress to Impress

Wearing the right outfit will not only impress the recruiter but also make you feel confident and ready. You must ensure that the outfit is extremely comfortable yet suits your body type. Even if the organization is casual, your responsibility is to be dressed professionally. Try not to wear bright and flashy colors that might affect your performance and impression on the recruiter.

Body Language

Your recruiters do not only judge your knowledge and skills, they also observe your body language. Moreover, body language in some companies is considered one of the most important attribute for recruitment. Panel of recruiters generally include a psychologist who recognizes each and every movement of the interviewee. Try to maintain an eye contact with the person you talk to, do not throw your hands while talking, and even if you are nervous do not show desperation in your voice or mannerisms. Listen and understand the question put up by the interviewer and then answer accordingly.

Skill Toning

Your recruitment is majorly based on your skills, therefore, you must be well aware of your skills that can land you a job. It is always good to hone these skills and expand your learning. Not only your academic excellence but also extra skills and abilities work wonders. These skill sets will also help you stand out among the competition, specifically in the field of engineering.

Internal Referrals

Many top-notch companies like to hire people through word of mouth. For this reason, such organizations organize internal referrals through which the employees of the company can refer their friends, family or someone who they think suits the job. So keep a track of such openings, talk to people, and keep in touch with most people around you. You just never know you might end up getting a reference.

Confidence is the Key

Without confidence, getting a job is nearly impossible. You need to be confident of yourself, your preparation and the surroundings. Undoubtedly, you are bound to feel nervous while facing a panel of interviewers; however, you must ensure nervousness does not show on face. Do not think about failure, rather relax, keep calm and think about ways to succeed. 

Presence on Job Portals

Job portals are an important source of job hunting. Register and subscribe on these portals to get regular updates and to keep a track of new vacancies. Many recruiters look up to such portals to find their desired candidates. Ensure that your profile is well updated and informative enough to grab a recruiter’s attention.

Gather Additional Knowledge

Additional knowledge and learning never goes in vain, rather it helps in bagging good jobs. Recruiters look for resources who not only have knowledge about the subject, but also who excel in it. There are innumerable courses available online that can help you gain more knowledge other than what you already know. These courses improve your chances of being noticed by recruiters and give a better conceptual understanding.

Apprenticeship/Internship Experience

While in college, do not miss the opportunity of interning in an organization. More than just theoretical knowledge, practicality is considered in a job. Getting hands-on experience specifically in engineering is one of the most important aspects to land a good job. With an experience, whether it is for a week or a month, you will always be a notch up than your competition. 

Undoubtedly, your academic excellence can get you an interview, but a guaranteed job offer can be difficult. Therefore, come out of your comfort zone, look what you can do to stand out and be different from others. It is good to work hard, but it is even better to work smart! To land a good job, it is necessary to alter yourself and stretch your abilities to the best you can. 

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