10th Concert of Aura Aurangabad at Mahagami Gurukul

HTCampus Expert updated on : 01 Dec 2015

Under the Cultural Tourism Initiative of Mahagami Gurukul, the 10th concert of Aura-Aurangabad was held on November 26, 2015


Under the Cultural Tourism Initiative of MAHAGAMI GURUKUL, the 10th concert of Aura-Aurangabad was held on November 26, 2015.  MOHINIATTAM dance presented by Miti Desai was greatly appreciated by the audience.

 Miti Desai presented Ganapati in praise of Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed God. who is single toothed, whose body is radiant like molten gold, with a pot belly and large eyes, he who is the son of Shiva, he who rides on a mouse and above all he who is the remover of all obstacles, to him I bow down.  The dance is interspersed with pure dance movements and culminates with an offering to Saraswati the Goddess of learning.



Ganapati was followed by a composition,  by Dayananda Saraswati, “Bho Shambho”  this piece describes Shiva as the one who one who is “Self born”, as the one who received the proud Ganga in his wild locks and the one who is the compassionate one.  The poet also describes him as the one without gunas, the one beyond time, past, present and future & beyond all things finite. The eternal lord of Dance, Shiva dances to the rhythm of creation and destruction. 

Next was “Omana Thingal”, In this composition as the mother tries to put her child to sleep she looks at his beauty and wonders, who is this child? Is he the moon or the soft flower of the lotus?  Is he the honey in the flower, or the lustre of the full moon? A dancing peacock, or a sweet singing bird? While putting the child to sleep, the mother tells him the story of the cunning fox and the foolish crow…and as the story ends, the child goes to asleep.                 



The performance concluded JIVA - This is a pure dance piece. ‘JIVA’ means jiva atman, the individual soul. Through the rising crescendo of rhythm, culminating into silence the dance reaches a climax which symbolizes the merger of the individual consciousness, the jiva atman - with the Supreme Consciousness the Paramatman.


Source: Abhinay Deshpande, HT Campus Specialist

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