12th Annual National Telecom Seminar ‘Telefocus’ at Amity University

HTCampus Expert updated on : 23 Feb 2016

Amity honours Telecom Doyens honoured during 12th Annual National Telecom Seminar ‘Telefocus’ at Amity University


The Telecom Industry around the world is redefining communication services by stepping into the world of wireless technology, mobile handset technology, telepresence solutions, cloud based solutions and broadband. In order to deliberate on new technologies which promise to revolutionize network operations, Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering & Management (AITEM)started 12th Annual National Telecom Seminar ‘Telefocus’ on theme ‘Telecom Networks: Evolving from Hardware to Software’ at Amity Campus, Noida.

The two day seminar was inaugurated by Mr. Rajan S. Mathews, Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India; Mr. Sandeep Girotra, Country Head, Nokia Networks Ltd; Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan – Founder President, Amity Group and Lt. Gen. P. D. Bhargava – Group Deputy Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities& Advisor, AITEM.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan said that Amity has always encouraged industry academia linkages as it is a mutual approach wherein companies offer business insights and the students contribute fresh inputs to proven methodology and expertise. He advised students to achieve success one must aim high and have faith in oneself. Dr Chauhan averred that Amity nurtures behavioural science in amalgamation with global education and values which prepare students to reach the pinnacle of success.



Welcoming the guests, Lt. Gen P D Bhargava said that Communications service providers have long wished to drive down the operational cost (Opex) of their networks and increase the agility and speed with which they deliver new services. He stressed that their concern to achieve a programmable network that can be reconfigured quickly, easily and cost-effectively to meet the new customer and service demand is driving huge interest in technologies such as Software Define Network and Network Function Virtualization. He further added Software defined networks offer numerous benefits including on-demand provisioning, automated load balancing, streamlined physical infrastructure and the ability to scale network resources in line with the application and data needs. Lt Gen Bhargava opined that in order to keep pace with such fast changes,   a completely new approach to the network design and deployment is the need of the time.  Hence, the seminar is very timely to ponder on these issues.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Sandeep Girotra said that in present time, technology has become essential in our lives as it affects both work and leisure activities. He further added that Technology is the principal driving force of the future and will play a major role in transforming lives and shaping future at unprecedented rate.  But the backbone for this change would be communication. He stressed that communication technology which is efficiently hardware based, software configured and programmed will help the growth of various sectors. He apprised that the traffic growth handled by telecom industry is increasing immensely and the number of available resources is not sufficient. Mr. Girotra stressed that 85% of energy in telecom network is dissipated hence transition from hardware to software is the need of the hour.

Sharing his views, Mr. Rajan S. Mathews said that the present generation has many opportunities available from start-ups, investments to career growth options. However, it is important to opt for right option from plethora of opportunities. He encouraged the budding professionals to identify the strengths within them rather than be dependent on parents or anyone else for constant guidance for their career. He averred that in the times when things are fast moving, it is important for professionals to be updated on latest development in industry as what they might be using or learning today would be obsolete by the time they commence their career. He pointed that the telecom industry is focusing on next big idea of 5G which is considered to be a paradigm shift in the wireless networks but India is still contemplating the proper application of 4G or 3G. Mr. Mathews advised the students that to achieve success in career it is imperative to imbibe Intelligence and Innovation as characteristics and also to learn the importance collaborations and teamwork.



During the occasion, Industry doyens were conferred upon “Telecom Excellence Awards” including “Top Infrastructure Innovator for the Year – 2015” to Indus Towers; “Top Telecom Towers Company of the Year-2015” to Bharti Infratel; “Top Renewable Energy Company of the year -  2015” to Delta Power Solutions Ltd; “Top Internet Application Provider -2015” to Facebook; “Top Digital Services & Network Provider of the Year-2015” to Bharti Airtel Ltd.; “Top Telecom Service Provider of the Year-2015” to Vodafone India Ltd.; “Top Domestic e-commerce Company of the Year- 2015” to Paytm; “Top Handsets Manufacturer of the Year -2015” to Samsung Electronic India Ltd and “Top Rural Service Provider of the Year -2015” to Idea Cellular amongst others.

Source: Gourav Chandra Upadhayay, HTCampus Specialist

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