15 Types of Teachers We All Had in Our Lives!

Kritika Sharma updated on : 25 Jul 2017

Student life is incomplete without teachers. In our journey as a student, we meet different types of teachers. Here are 15 types of teachers we all had in our lives!

Types of Teachers!

Teachers are an indispensable part of our lives. No matter in which school or college you study, teachers in every corner of the world have same personality traits. Complete student life is spent by loving, hating, respecting and mimicking the teachers that come into our lives. From super sweet to cruel, we all had our own experience with teachers. 

This is a compiled list of 15 types of teachers you must have encountered at some point in your student life. Every type mentioned below has special memories attached to them, which we relish forever. 

1. The Strict One

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Often found in every school and college! These teachers are to watch out for, they instill our minds with fear and are responsible for maintaining the decorum in the school/ university. In most cases, if you get to know them, they are real fun and have a hidden love for us. Remember Snape???

2. The Diva

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They are well dressed, they are sweet, they are fun, they know your secrets and they truly are the divas. Each one of us has had these teachers. We waited for their classes and we sure had the best time with them. For the fashion conscious girls, these teachers become a style inspiration from whom girls get tips to dress in college

3. The One Who is Always Watching You

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They have got their eyes on you; no matter where they are looking, they can see every small activity you do. They have eyes on their back as well, the moment you utter a word while they are writing on the board, they just get to know. Super Powers? Maybe or maybe not, just try to be disciplined in their classes because they do know to punish you!

4. The Funny One

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These teachers never fail to make us laugh. Some do it deliberately, some do it effortlessly, but we always have a good laugh in their classes. We often end up asking dumb questions just to get that one reaction that gets the class rolling on the floor.

5. The One with the Weird Accent

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Everybody becomes Yeverybody; what becomes WHUT and the best comes out when they call out our names. These are usually the intelligent ones, mostly maths teachers, you can’t laugh out loud (60% of them are strict), but they will always be a part of your memory because of their weird pronunciations. Best suited for mimicry sessions during break time or reunions!

6. The Spitter

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Do you remember Satish Shah from the movie 'Main Hoon Na'? He is one of the spitting teachers who gave us our very own ‘Matrix Moments’ They have been the reasons of empty first benches. The worst is, they just don’t stop, no matter how important a thing is, a doubt, a question or a point, you have always have ignored a one to one encounter with these teachers.

7. The Lazy One

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No matter what doubts you have, you just don’t disturb them. They have a clichéd answer to all your questions, ‘Why don’t you look that up?’ You hardly remember the last time they had taught in the class. Few of them are often found napping in class as well. We have fun the entire session without studying, but as the exams start approaching we realize what harm they have caused us. Try complaining about them and look what they do to your internal assessments!

8. The Rude One

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Do not, just do not ask them anything in class, especially if you feel they don’t like you. They are full of insults, and they like to do it in public. Their sarcasm and rudeness often are the reasons for the discipline in their class. These teachers are very smart, they make you feel they are your friends, and just when you start speaking, BAMN! They have the most scornful reply for you. They are fun at times but only when they are taking other’s cases.

9. The Disinterested One

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Job timings, holidays, good pay, easy work and good work environment are the only reasons they are in this profession. Educate kids, help them find a right path, social responsibility, is not what they come to work for. They are good at their job, but don’t ever expect them for that extra help, JUST DON’T. The highlights of these teachers are, good work, efficiency, time management and most importantly they are unreachable after school hours.

10. The Lullaby Teacher

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Suffering from Insomnia? One lecture from one of these teachers and you are sorted. They have this unusual power of putting anyone back to sleep. The most difficult task is keeping your eyes open for the period the lullaby teachers are present in front of you.

11. The Preacher

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Math, English, Geography, Physics, Psychology, Chemistry, no matter what subject they take for you, the sole purpose for them to come to your class is to preach. They can go on and on for hours on topics relevant at times and irrelevant most of the times. The good part is what they preached then, does make sense later on (Well, Mostly)

12. The Substitute

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These are the ones you only see when your permanent teacher is absent. Characterized by young age, lack of control, disinterest and at times pleasant looks, these teachers come to your class at regular intervals. Most of them are fun, they let you do your thing and are usually accompanied by some work that keeps them occupied. Hiding somewhere in this friendly lot is one substitute teacher who is consistent on the anger and can blast out at almost anything.

13. The Castigator

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Forgot a book? Talking in Class? Eating in Class? Sleeping in Class? Forgot Homework? BREATHING in Class? Well, these teachers have got it all covered, they have a punishment planned for everything you do.

P.S- They have become smart now, they hardly send you out of class now, So Beware!

14. The Biased One

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Like it or not! Every class will have that one student, the teacher is always biased towards. Such things do matter a lot, especially when you get a D and the teacher’s pet gets an A. (so what if they had copied your assignment, they have earned it)

15. The Special One

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Our student life is not complete if we have not find that one teacher you call your mentor for life. Other than imparting the knowledge, they throw light on issues that make you grow as a person. These teachers understand the students and gain a respect in their lives that lasts a lifetime. They are the best teachers, the special teachers and the teachers who are responsible for what we are today. 

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