17-Year-Old ‘Unschooled’ Malvika Joshi Makes it to MIT

Sarika Rana updated on : 01 Sep 2016

17-year-old Mumbai based Malvika Joshi, who does not hold a class tenth and twelfth certificate, has made it to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mumbai based Malvika Joshi has made it to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She does not have a class tenth and twelfth certificate, but thanks to her computer programming talent, she cleared her rounds in MIT.

Malvika is now pursuing Bachelor of Science degree and has secured a scholarship from MIT for being a three-time medal winner (two silver and a bronze) at the International Olympiad of Informatics, commonly known as Programming Olympiad. She is fulfilling her aspirations of pursuing research work in her favourite subject, Computer Science.

MIT prefers students who are medal winners at different Olympiads (computer, physics and mathematics). In India, Malvika found it difficult to get through the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) as she does not hold her class twelfth certificate. However, one institute, Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), let her enrol in M.Sc. level course.

According to Malvika, when she unschooled four years back, she explored many subjects including Computer Science that ended up becoming her favourite subject.

Malvika Joshi’s Success Story

It all started with Malvika going to class seven at Dadar Parsee Assembly School Mumbai like any other young school going child when her mother Supriya decided to pull her out of the school. She believed that conventional knowledge is not more than happiness. She wanted her children to be happy. Her tough decision was based on the cancer patients she used to take care of while working in an NGO. She would see young children in class eighth and ninth affected by cancer. It took a while to convince her husband, but eventually, he understood this situation.

During this period, Malvika studied and excelled in various subjects. She started learning more than ever. For her, knowledge became a passion and not just a routine. Eventually, she got on to participating in Olympiads and other competitions and topped all of them.

In India, homeschooling is a new concept for many and still needs to be accepted by the society. However, Malvika with the support of her family could achieve the best by being ‘unschooled’.

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