18000 CBSE Schools to go Cashless from January Onward!

Sarika Rana updated on : 14 Dec 2016

CBSE has asked all its affiliated schools to go cashless in their transactions, including fee collection. This decision was made in regards with the demonetization in the country. Read on!

18000 CBSE Schools to go Cashless from January

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently issued a circular stating that all the 18000 schools affiliated to it must go cashless in their transactions from January 2017. This will include fee collection, procurements, wages and other services either online or through non-cash mode to reduce cash transactions.

In the wake of demonetization directed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CBSE has taken this step ahead to make all possible transactions cashless. However, the education board has given freedom to schools to choose their own methods of cashless payments/receipts. It has encouraged the use of top-up cards in canteens and other services.

Going forward, the board has also asked schools to disseminate the information to all the parents in Parent Teachers Meeting (PTM) and make them aware of the new rule circulated. This information will also include telling parents about various benefits of non-cash transaction and how it will make things easier for both. This will be done through undertaking promotional activities like conducting workshops, seminars, competitions such as essay writing, slogan writing, etc. The schools will need to inculcate the habit of adopting cashless transactions in their day-to-day life.

Cashless Transaction- Development at its best

With this decision of going cashless, CBSE has taken drastic steps to ensure they promote cashless transactions and e-payments. Gradually, India is coming to terms with demonetization and realizing how going cashless will help get through this transition phase. Cashless transactions will eventually become the trend. In this case, schools inculcating this habit in their students right from the beginning will help in making India a digitized nation.

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