6 Reasons Why Being a Fashion Stylist is an Incredibly Exciting Job

Hina Yadav updated on : 30 Nov 2016

The fashion industry in India has plethora of job options for you. Becoming a fashion stylist is just one of them!

Fashion stylist

Being a fashion stylist is a career path that presents endless opportunities for innovation. From envisioning a piece to translating it into a material reality - the process is rewarding from beginning to end, truly allowing you to showcase your creativity to the world. Styling is a precise art that enables you to put in effort in a concentrated manner, and the science of steering through exciting challenges. Read on to discover the exhilarating aspects of being an artist in the world of fashion:

1) Charting your own track

Because fashion styling is the road less travelled, it is also free from conventional constraints. While professions such as engineering, medicine and law may seem safer, they are already too concrete to allow any satisfying novelty. Being a stylist means building your own path and having greater control over your journey. The world is your oyster if you are a stylist, and the only real limit is the extent of your imagination. Freelancing, working on seasonal projects, taking up assignments in different cities, collaborating with other artists - the job enables you to constantly engage with something new.

2) Engaging with varying perspectives

The fashion world is defined by subjectivity, which means that it is always buzzing with differing opinions. And this synergy - made up of both contradictions and collaborations - is what makes the task of styling so fascinating. Convincing a client of the merits of your art and also maintaining creative freedom requires you to be an impeccable communicator. Building a rapport with all the stakeholders enables an artist to perpetually learn and grow.  It helps the stylist develop a balanced approach and attitude, whereby one is neither too submissive nor too overbearing, and instead knows precisely how to present an opinion.

3) Being abreast of the latest trends

This is the most interesting aspect of the job as trends change rapidly, and keeping up with them will establish you as the go-to person for all things fashionable. Fashion stylists have in-depth knowledge about the industry and the latest trends, giving them a great advantage while creating a look. This, in turn, gives the artists power to influence opinions. The process of acquiring this knowledge is now getting simpler because of the ease with which information can be accessed in the current day and age. There may be a new trend every day, but the internet and social media allows artists to be abreast with them on the go.

4) Collaborating with photography experts

Another great part of being a creator is that you get to work with other artists to produce a masterpiece. Being a stylist, in particular, enables you to work in tandem with photographers. This way, you are able to explore visual art through different standpoints and create something that represents a beautiful interplay between fashion sensibilities and photographic techniques. Working with someone who shares your passion for art and fashion is a very enriching and rewarding experience, and once you feel you have done justice to each other’s vision, you will realise that the finished product is greater than the sum of your individual skills.

5) Creating your own brand

In addition to creating stunning art, fashion stylists are able to cultivate an image for themselves. Social media or your personal blog allows you to reach a large section of people. Make your talents known and share your ideas with your audience. You create a brand for yourself and use the feedback to achieve your creative best. This not only helps you improve your skills but also ensures that you receive projects regularly. You are the CEO of your product, and networking now is easier than ever - with platforms like Roposo, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Being well connected with an access to large community of fashion enthusiasts will create the brand others would like to endorse.

6) Having control over finances

One of the common perceptions about professions related to fashion and styling is that the monetary constraint involved is debilitating. This is far from true. Yes, like most unconventional careers, fashion styling does require one to stick to a budget and the resources available may vary from project to project. However, the artist has a significant amount of control over planning the assignment and deciding where to source. The source may vary from malls to designer boutiques to even flea markets. The scalability of styling projects makes it rather comfortable for artists to make quick decisions well in advance and avoid the calamity of budget walls closing down on them.


This article is contributed by Caroline Zeliang, Fashion Stylist at Roposo


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