7 Skills You Need to Have to Make a Career in Fashion Industry

Dhanshri Sharma updated on : 20 Jul 2016

Ms. Samarpita Dasgupta, Fashion Director, ROPOSO suggests the secret creative flamboyance that a fashion students should inherit for success later in the career.


The fashion industry requires a creative flamboyance, as well as the dexterity of discipline and casing up projects with an equivalent amount of persistence and ingenuity. The diversity of prospects in this field appeals to people with different aptitude and skills.

Various arenas require arty creativity and originality; while others require analytical know-how and strong communication skills.

While trade management skills deliver an outstanding base for understanding the retail business, possessing decision-making, risk management, and business strategy skills can provide a strong foot on the economic or sociological balance to the creative side of the industry.

So if you consider yourself the forerunner to becoming the next iconic fashion designer or creating an international label, it requires more than just the creative flair. Here are the seven fundamental skills you need to flourish in the industry.

  1. Creative aptitude and an innate sense of aesthetics: An experimental experiential aptitude towards creation and a mental agility to crack creative bottlenecks is the primary skill set one needs to conceive a stalwart performance in the fashion industry.

  2. Crisp communication and negotiation skills: From brand building to converging on the message that the designs communicate - communication skills go a long way in the success path of a fashion enthusiast. Negotiation and interpersonal skills also go a long way in building the much needed network, vendor base or even that outstanding team.

  3. Awareness with an insatiable curiosity: Being updated with trends, historical and otherwise, is important because no one wants a designer or stylist crafting fashion statements which are absolutely out of trend. Being aware of the audience and anticipating what the audience will respond to next is one of the key points to keep in mind for creation. As somebody who wants to prosper in the industry, one should also have an immense amount of curiosity, given the paradigm of knowledge that fashion has to offer as a field.

  4. Eye for detail: Be it texture, colour amalgamation, or playing with patterns and layers – an eye for detail is a must-have in your fashion arsenal. One needs to be well versed and have an eye for the best fabric and material as well as unique colour juxtaposition. Being detail oriented also helps in brand communication and marketing where one has to be careful of the message the design sends.

  5. Visualisation skills: One must have the ability to foresee, conceptualise, and project the final picture. The creators and fashion aficionados usually have the capability to envisage the final product, before it even goes for construction. Similarly, star buyers have the quixotic visualisation skills to decide on the final products that will fly off the racks in a store for different seasons.

  6. Analytical abilities: Critical thinking in order to set target groups, optimum pricing range, and feasible product production according to demand and value generation is one of the cornerstones in skill set requirement for the fashion industry. If you intend to make a mark in fashion forecasting, analysing behavioural data around trends, possessing a chronological awareness of fashion and interpreting them the right way will go a long way in defining the career goal.

  7. Individual style and personality: Fashion cannot work without a distinct panache and no matter whether you intend to become a global designer or a star stylist having a strong personality that emanates and amplifies your design aesthetics is a very important skill set. It is important that one’s work highlights his creative individualism, design sensibilities, and most importantly a sovereign style that can go a long way in establishing their sartorial identity.

Apart from the above mentioned skill sets, being a good team player with the right competitive spirit, focusing on originality, and possessing drawing and sewing skills, also add comparative advantage in the success race.


Written by Ms. Samarpita Dasgupta, Fashion Director, ROPOSO

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