8 Out Of 10 B-School Students In India Prefer Taking Up Consulting As A Career

Nidhi updated on : 09 Sep 2016

New survey reveals 84 percent of the respondents view consulting as a stepping stone to leadership positions

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Eight out of 10 business management students in India prefer taking up consulting as a profession, according to a new online survey.

The survey was conducted by the IT bellwether TCS' global consulting practice and the US-based Association of Management Consulting Firms (AMCF) in November-December last year.

Citing the survey findings, TCS executive vice-president J. Rajagopal said, "Eight out of 10 students (84 percent) surveyed prefer to take up consulting as a career because it provides global engagement opportunities and they view it as a stepping stone to leadership positions.”

The survey of 980 students from across top 10 business schools, including Indian Institute of Managements (IIMs), revealed that job independence is an important factor for 83 percent of the respondents for choosing consulting as a career option.

"The insights from this study will be invaluable in helping the consulting profession increase its appeal to high-calibre MBA students in India, an important source of global talent," Rajagopal said.

The respondents said that they would like to do an internship in consulting, as they would be able to learn a lot through mentoring programmes in consulting firms.

"Consulting is a popular choice because of diversity and exposure; ability to use analytical skills and opportunity to learn newer skills on the job that help grow one's career," Rajagopal said.

The survey also revealed that consulting is viewed as a favourable career option by 63 percent of the 200 women respondents.

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