President's Award 2017: 6 Teachers Who Made the Difference

Nitin Rao updated on : 08 Sep 2017

The Vice President conferred 319 teachers with the President’s Award on this Teacher’s Day at Vigyan Bhawan. Let’s take a look at some teachers and their contribution who received the President’s Award.

President's Award 2017

Teachers are the first role model for most of us and are the indispensable part of our lives. They not only inspire and encourage us to do something good in life but also find our potential and shape our lives in the best way possible. They are the treasure houses who have immense knowledge of curriculum, enthusiasm, discipline, care and zeal to turn stones into precious gems.

We often hear the story of those teachers who transformed the world’s viewpoint. This year also, we got some great personalities who went beyond their roles and responsibilities and gave this world the reason to honour their contribution. While there is a teacher who saved almost 300 children from gas leak tragedy, another one has been teaching in the violence-stricken zone for last 30 years. There is one, who arranged funds for poor students’ education; another one has made the school completely paperless.

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day 2017, the Vice President Mr Venkaiah Naidu conferred the President’s Award to 319 meritorious teachers for their contribution to nation-building. The National Award conveys a medal and a certificate along with the cash prize of INR 50, 000. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) released a list of teachers a day before the event.

Here in this article, we will talk about such 6 teachers who made the difference with their generosity and the passion for their profession.

Manisha, (New Delhi)

Manisha President's Award 2017


Manisha is the second-in-command at Sarvodaya Kanhaiya Vidyalaya at Railway Colony in Tughalakabad and has been teaching for last 28 years. She was conferred with a special award for her exceptional effort during a gas leak accident behind the school premises. As many as 300 students were hospitalized due to the gas leak accident. The credit for saving hundreds of students during the accident goes to Manisha for the reason. Following the tragedy, she is currently running a disaster management programme in the school along with other teachers and school administration.

Riyaz Ahmed Wani (Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir)

Riyaz Wani President's Award 2017

Riyaz Wani, a 52-year-old teacher, has been teaching for last 29 years in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Wani teaches all subjects to upper primary students in an area, which had been declared a violence-stricken zone decades ago. The area sees riots, feud and curfew on a regular basis. He has been fighting for the safety and security of the children for almost last three decades.

Suresh S Dharro (Nashik, Maharashtra)

Suresh S Darro President's Award 2017

Suresh Dharro, 40-year-old, has been teaching for last 20 years in Thane. Dharro is a differently abled teacher who needs a crutch to walk. His dedication to his profession is so strong that he has been continuing to teach for last 2 decades. He teaches at a school in Thane where almost all the students are the children of labourers. Since they cannot spend on their children’s education, Dharro arranged funds from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding and introduced the concept of e-learning, which encouraged more students to enrol in the school.

Latika Maiti (Midnapore, West Bengal)

Latika Maiti President's Award 2017

Latika Maiti, 50-year-old, has been teaching gymnastics for years. Despite being differently abled and relied on crutches for walking, Maiti continues to teach gymnastics and folk dance to her students. She used to get INR 3, 000 as monthly remuneration when she got to know that students from her class are unable to afford uniforms. With such a little amount of monthly wages, she decided to purchase uniforms for students and support them to join the school. In the Indian education system, where almost every teacher focuses on the conventional education and learning, she went beyond the call of duty and encouraged students to take part in the extracurricular activities.

Sandeep Karbhari Gund (Thane, Maharashtra)

Sandeep Gund President's Award 2017

Sandeep Gund, who is just thirty-year old, was the youngest teacher who received the President’s Award in on Teacher’s Day 2017 for his enthusiastic approach to teaching students. Gund teaches at a small tribal school in Thane, which does not even have the electricity. The school had only one computer for 30 students, which runs on the solar power. Seeing the captivation and curiosity of students towards the computer, Gund realized that the technology could help them learn faster and appeal the public to contribute to students’ development. It was his sole effort that now all the students have their own tablets and the school has become fully paperless.

Kangkep Perme (Siang, Arunachal Pradesh)

Kangkep Preme President's Award 2017

Kangkep Perme, a 48-year-old teacher, has been teaching for last 28 years in Arunachal Pradesh. He is among the 2 teachers from Arunachal Pradesh who received the President’s Award this year. Perme teaches social studies at an upper primary school at a school in a remote district where getting students to the school itself is a task. A large number of parents are not educated and hence are unable to support their children. Perme, along with other teachers, is trying to introduce them with the technology and make them understand the value of education.

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