Aakash Institute: Setting a benchmark in the education sector

Vinod Sharma updated on : 08 Jul 2016

Aakash Institute has set a benchmark of its reliability for quality coaching and guidance to such an extent that parents as well as students rely on its authenticity.

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Setting a benchmark in the education sector of India, J.C. Chaudhry, Founder and Chairman of brands such as Aakash Institute for Medical, Aakash IIT-JEE and Aakash Foundation, has been featured in Asia One magazine. Chaudhry has set a benchmark in educating students at a tender age, since better education alone can improve the earning power of the citizens of any country. He believes in big challenges. For him, the highest mountain exists to be scaled, the widest river to be crossed and the most distant planet to be landed on. He believes as much in generating big ideas as in their execution and is a rare individual who sees opportunities for social change in every challenge. 

For someone who started off interested in educating students through his immense knowledge, Chaudhry never thought of building a world-class brand, all he cared about was the dissemination of wisdom to the young minds. In his journey to formulate one of the leading education brands in the country, he has travelled some distance. The Indian education system is at the throes of change, which has been facing numerous challenges for quite some time now, like the lack of accountability, trust and the drive to lead the expedition of delivering the best results. To counter such crucial situation and fill this massive vacuum, Aakash has emerged to the forefront as a one-stop solution provider in the arena of Medical and Engineering coaching.
It has set a benchmark of its reliability for quality coaching and guidance to such an extent that parents as well as students rely on its authenticity.  

Millions trust the saga of amazing results it has produced over the decades. Aakash has emerged as a brand that has provided a competitive, transparent and result-oriented environment to the students at large. Chaudhry has led Aakash with consistent and excellent results in medical and engineering entrance exams. Ever since the inception of Aakash IIT-JEE 2007, it has been producing splendid results in almost all the engineering exams. The outstanding results in 2015 in different engineering entrance exams speak volumes about the authenticity of its quality coaching and guidance.

Chaudhry is a strong orator known for his incisive understanding of competitive examination and education trends. He represents the paradox that is at the heart of the Indian education system. With an ideology that students at the elementary level of education are the most vulnerable and, unfortunately, the most neglected he always pays personal attention in grooming each and every teacher so that the juvenile gullible minds are the best nurtured at Aakash Institute. The key thing that sets him apart from other educationists is the force of his compassion. To make Aakash emerge as a pre-eminent educational group that aims to work for holistic enhancement of society by enabling the young and bright minds of the country to help them realise their dreams of becoming doctors and engineers, thereby pushing India into the comity of developed nation, he has given his heart and soul.

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