Acquiring Technical Skills Can Turn Out to be a Great Asset

Anjani Chaand updated on : 26 Apr 2016

IT employers look for people who can be put to work from day one, and hence importance of having technical skills is self explanatory

Technical Skills- Absolutely Mandatory

The importance of acquiring technical skills is on the rise. Employers are looking for people who can be put to work from day one, rather than spend time training them. In order to stand out in the crowd, it is necessary to have seven key skills, says Sakshi Gaba Dhawan

The importance of technical skills and knowledge are often undermined. While pursuing academics, many tend to sideline the importance of technological knowhow, believing they would train on the job when and where it happens. Others believe focusing on their subject area is what would yield results. However, this perception does not match the market reality. In a highly competitive professional world, employers look for people who bring with them a basket of skills.

It is important to keep a track on market trends and equip yourself with technical skills that will make a difference. Having acquired specialised technological education brings several benefits - it opens several opportunities in different fields.

The Information Technology (IT) sector is becoming an intrinsic part of all fields. Be it a business, a Government job, telecommunications field or healthcare, people skilled in IT are employed everywhere. This is why a carefully chosen set of certifications can make you much employable.

Hence, a large number of students today are turning to pursuing multifarious IT courses. Some learn programming, others venture into computer aided design, and yet others take to learning hardware and networking. Most pursue these courses even as they are studying regular courses. The question is when a large number of people are already acquiring these additional degrees, how can you outshine the crowd? The answer lies in sharpening your IT skills that can make your resume attractive.

User experience design

With Internet ruling the world, programmes like HTML, Javascript and CSS have become language of communication. While the knowledge of these languages were once skills exclusive to developers and programmers, they have become a much desired skill for job seeker to attain. Most businesses today have online interfaces to interact with their audience. Therefore, acquiring working knowledge of skills that help you improve user experience design would add to your employability.

Mobile app development

The shrinking of technology has taken place at mind boggling speed converging all applications of a computer in a mobile. This has led application developers to evolve new support systems and mechanisms to match the pace with the developing technology. Mobile application development course is the first level introductory course that helps developers leverage their code base so as to support a multitude of mobile platforms.

Ruby on rails

The training helps you build full-featured, high quality, object oriented web apps. It enables you with the knowledge of complete process of creating a dynamic database driven applications on the rails framework. This particular IT skill gives an edge to people seeking a career in web designing.

Data analytics

Every employer looks for an employee who is capable enough to draw analyses from available trends and make sense of numbers. Having data analytics skills put you in a league of people who are capable of reading numbers and cultivate strategy accordingly.

Networking certifications

With all workplaces becoming computerised, network engineers and systems managers are needed in every office today. Networking certifications can help you make a career in hardware and networking. They can land you in positions such as network engineer, systems admin, or technical operations.

Ethical hacking

With systems security and hacking becoming major concerns, many companies hire experts to find loopholes, foibles and vulnerabilities in their systems so that they can plug them before a hacker invades. Ethical hacking aims at rectifying weaknesses against hackers who raid systems to steal information. This is another certification that can add value to your resume.

Agile methodology

A replacement to the traditional software development methods, agile software development has received wider acceptance. Learning a different strategy gives you an edge.

(The writer is manager (HR), Koenig Solutions)
Source: Pioneer

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