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Hina Yadav updated on : 02 May 2017

If you’re looking for a perfect fusion of quality education, good location at pocket-friendly prices, then Pune is your answer!

Affordable education in Pune

Pune is one of the fastest developing cities in the country. This diverse and large city is emerging as one of the most popular destinations for students and job seekers. The city has a very young energy in the air with a sense of progress and development spread across its length and breadth. Pune is called the cultural capital of Maharashtra and is a great fusion of traditional culture and new-age progress. The city plays host to a large number of both domestic and international student populations.

There are several renowned educational institutions, spread all over the city. It has colleges from all genres of education like law, medicine, information technology, science, research and development etc.

For students especially, this city has everything to offer, from quality education to professional atmosphere – all at affordable costs.

With Pune being such a great blend of talent, professionalism and some of the top education institutes, one would assume the place to be heavy on the pockets. But that’s not the case! Pune is extremely pocket-friendly and students can avail all the comforts while staying within the limits of their budget.

Let’s have a look at some of the attractive features of Pune, which also makes it an affordable education hub:

Affordable Accommodation:

Pune has some really affordable areas for student accommodation. One of the best places to rent an accommodation is Koregaon Park (a.k.a KP) which is located on the Mula-Mutha river. The area is known for its beauty and is very well-connected to most of the renowned educational institutes. A single room may cost you around 7000- 9000/- and a 2BHK will cost you around 12000-15000.

Kalyani Nagar is also one of the popular areas for rented accommodation for students and employees, both. This area lies in the eastern region of Pune and is an ideal location for renting accommodation for students and working professionals. Kalyani Nagar is also well-connected to Koregaon Park via the Aga Khan Bridge, which makes it an ideal location for students. Kalyani Park is a little low priced than KP and is ideal for students who may find the accommodation prices of KP a little out of their budgets.

At the third place comes Kharadi in Pune. Kharadi is a base of many commercial projects and is also home to many Information Technology companies. Kharadi is also close to the Pune airport. Here, a 2BHK may cost you around Rs. 15,000- Rs. 20,000. A 1BHK may cost you around Rs.8, 000- Rs. 10,000.

Deciding your location and stay:

Pune offers all possibilities, for all individuals, when it comes to choosing a location for stay. Some people like a peaceful environment and others like the daily city buzz. Owing to its geographical location, Pune is able to cater to all kind of needs. Whether it is a short stay or a permanent settlement, you can opt from a plethora of choices.

Well-connected routes:

The public transport of the city, like buses and trains, are well-connected. The preferred mode of transport by the student population of Pune is auto rickshaws. Additionally, Pune is well-connected to nearby areas and other cities by highways and air transport, making it well-connected and easily accessible to far-flung areas of north, east and south India.


Pune is considered one of the safest cities in the country. Pune has very secure suburbs and main city areas, which makes it the first choice of study for aspiring students. Places like Vimal Nagar, Kothrud and Kalyani Nagar are some of the safest and most affordable locations to lay the anchor. Koregaon Park, being the posh area of the city, also offers maximum security to its residents and is surrounded by very safe and secure premises. This is a very important factor when considering the safety and security of young students in a new city.

Affordable Amenities:

The residential properties in Pune have most of the basic and plush amenities at your disposal. There are several amenities offered in residential units like swimming pools and gymnasiums, all at pocket-friendly prices. This major factor makes the city a very attractive destination for temporary as well as permanent stays. All the residential units are well equipped with modern needs of every student, and hence is the ideal location for students looking to pursue higher education.

Lip-smacking food at affordable prices:

Since Pune is home to a range of educational institutions and professional organisations, it is bound to have its share of local delicacies. Pune is full of fancy restaurants, food courts in malls and of course, delicious street food. Koregaon Park is the popular hangout place for youngsters and has great ambience and food options. Some of the most happening and populous food joints are High Spirits Café, Irish Village, Copper Chimney, and Sweet Chariot Cafe. These will cost you a tad higher but you may also choose from the regular food joints like Burger Barn, Malaka Spice, or the Blue Nile to satisfy your hunger pangs.

The place where you can find the best street food in the city is Senapati Bapat Road. Not only is the street food amazing, it also has good restaurants and places to hang out on a cool summer evening.  MG Road in Pune is another noticeable place to grab a good meal. 


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