MHRD Mulls NEET Like Common Entrance Test for Engineering From 2018!

Vinod Sharma updated on : 26 Dec 2016

HRD minister Prakash Javadaekar is thinking over introducing NEET like single entrance test for engineering from 2018 onward.

Earlier, the news about HRD minister Prakash Javadaekar having a meeting with Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) members to take a stance on National Authority for Testing (NAT) for admission into IITs and NITs was doing the rounds of the web. In the meeting, there was a discussion on an issue concerning to National Authority for Testing (NAT) being made the NEET of engineering. NAT, also proposed by the Ashok Mishra committee, was considered for changing the way entrance exams to IITs and other top ranking engineering institutes under the central government are conducted.

In the latest move, HRD under Prakash Javadaekar held a series of meeting with All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) to figure out if this would be possible or not. If a single entrance exam like NEET comes into vogue for engineering, it will be a great relief to the students who otherwise have to prepare for the multiple entrance exams to ensure a seat in any of the good engineering colleges. With such a decision, students will be able to focus on their study and prepare for a single entrance test without much of pressure on them.  

All the meetings and the discussions on the line were focused on finding the feasibility and modalities of making such an exam possible under AICTE from 2018. The consideration for a single entrance exam was based on NEET which also got a nod from the Supreme Court of India and is in force since 2016.

On August 23, 2016, the IT Council had the 50th meeting and contemplated NAT, which was to be held four times a year, as an option to test the aptitude of class 11 and 22 students for engineering. MHRD is, however, working on the finer details of the NEET like exam option for engineering and plans to introduce it from 2018 onward. It’s not yet clear though whether IITs or NITs will come on board with this proposal or not.

The ministry is also expecting a strong defiance from the private universities, institutes and engineering colleges but is confident about getting a firm support from the students and parents. One thing that can be said is that if such a proposal sees the light of the day in 2018, it will surely herald a new era in the way admissions to engineering colleges are conducted in India. 

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