AICTE instructs technical institutes to display accreditation on websites

Nitin Rao updated on : 24 Oct 2017

The AICTE asks all the technical institutions of the country to show their accreditation status on their official websites!

AICTE Technical Institutes

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which is a national level apex advisory body to regulate and impart the quality education in the technical field, instructs all the technical institutions of the country to display their accreditation on their web portal to make students informed about the college and course recognition and authorisation.

As per one of the senior AICTE bureaucrats, numerous technical institutes conceal their accreditation, which usually helps students making a decision on whether s/he should go for the said college or not. Now, the AICTE has directed all the institutions to upload accreditation details on their websites. Even if the institutes’ courses do have any accreditation, administers of such colleges have been asked to mention it on their official websites.

According to a letter referred by the AICTE, “In order to create awareness among students and public at large about the accredited courses, it is desirable that all institutions display their accreditation status on the web portal”.

The AICTE states that many institutions purposely hide or upload partial details about their accreditation on their websites, thus creating chaos among the students and the industry as well. The council further suggests displaying such information on the official websites, not only help the students to make the right decision but also benefit the industry as well.

To circumvent such irregularity and create awareness among the students, the AICTE strictly instructs all the technical institutions across the nation to put their exact status of their accreditation, duration of the accreditation, whether the institute has applied for the accreditation for a specific course etc on their official websites.

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