AICTE to Technical Institutes – Shut Down if Seats Aren’t Filled!

Vinod Sharma updated on : 14 Feb 2018

As per the notice that came from the AICTE, technical institutes with seats filled less than 30 percent of the total count will face closure.


What can really be deemed out as a stern notice that came from the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), according to 800 technical institutes that also includes 80 government-run colleges, may face closure if they fail to find enough students to fill their seats. These colleges have been served notice for poor performance.

The fact worth noticing is that around 10 percent of these colleges are government-run colleges and rest privately owned. As per the member from AICTE, the council has given them three years’ time to act together. After three years, if they fail to fill their seats sufficiently, AICTE is supposed to shut them down. However, it is said that the decision will not be imposed retrospectively.  

Now the question remains what will be the criteria, if any such move comes into vogue, to close down the institutes. Well, the institutes that will have student strength less than the 30 percent of the total capacity will face the closure. In addition to this, the fact worth mentioning here is that the authorities might close down only a department with a higher number of seats lying vacant instead of the whole institute.

As per the estimates, there were in access of 37 lakh seats available last year across all 10,063 AICTE approved institutions offering technical education/courses in architecture, management, engineering, hotel management and pharmacy to mention a few. The decision is reached after the consideration that the quantum of seats filled across institutes was pegged to be around 45-50 percent of the total.

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