AIEAA – A Unique Initiative to Search the Best of Engineering Talent in India


A unique initiative to search the best of engineering talent in India as well as to financially support them to achieve their dreams and to ensure their contribution to nation building.


People often feel that it is MARKS alone that plagues a student, often writing off the worrying trend of teen related depressions to the same. However, a side which some often overlook, are the financial constraints that any middle income family has to face if they aspire to enrol their kids for Higher Education in any Private University, given the high competitions and limited seats (and at times the poor quality of education) associated with Government and State Institutions- in order to cope up with these constraints, some compromise on quality, some on convenience! As a mother of two grown children myself, I, therefore, wish to shed light on the ever-growing concern and apprise all parents, and their wonderful children, of some of the opportunities that one may avail to ease this aforementioned burden.

The biggest concern plaguing any student who has cleared his 12th Board Examinations (as well as his/ her parents) seeking admissions to any Engineering Programs in the country are FINANCES- and the mathematics behind this dilemma go out of hand when there are 2 or more members of the same family aspiring to pursue an Engineering Degree. The All India Engineering Aptitude Awards 2017, an initiative taken forth by Graphic Era University, NAAC Accredited Grade A University located in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) had been conceptualized with a single objective- Eliminating Financial Barriers to enable one to truly fulfil ones career aspirations in the highly competitive and “resource” draining specialization, popularly known in India as Engineering & Technology- a platform which conferred cash awards of a denomination as high as Rs 10 Lakh to the 1st Rank holder with Cash Awards of up to Rs 40 Lakh for the first 421 Rank Holders. Not only this but also the first 500 Rank Holders who had appeared in the AIEAA 2017 had at their disposal Scholarships tantamount to Rs 7 Crores to pursue their dream of Engineering at Graphic Era Group of Universities, encompassing Graphic Era University and Graphic Era Hill University.

When I first heard about this endeavour, and in fact went to witness the award ceremony of the same in complete disbelief, I was pleasantly surprised to see that for once, all that I had heard was indeed true! The 1st Rank Holder, a certain Mr Ravneesh Kumar from Moradabad (and his parents) seemed to be speechless as well- their sheer joy permeating the air around them.

What I further liked about this endeavour, and was clearly evident to all students who had come forth to Graphic Era University to  attend the AIEAA 2017 Award Ceremony was the added sense of responsibility that participating this award had inculcated in them- they somehow seemed to be more aware of their career choices, their eyes brimming with hope and excitement. This AIEAA 2017 Award Ceremony, which saw Prof Dr Kamal Ghanshala, President Graphic Era Group and Hon’ble Higher Education Minister, Government of Uttarakhand, Dr Dhan Singh Rawat in attendance, gave one and all present HOPE… hope that the true spirit of education is NOT LOST! There still exist institutions that believe in this noble endeavour!

I am now eagerly looking forward to the AIEAA 2018! Sharing some candid shots of the same here!

You can read more about the AIEAA initiative of Graphic Era at

Who can appear in this All India Engineering Aptitude Awards 2018- Any student who has passed out 12th in 2017 or will appear in 2018 with PCM & PCB as their stream. It will be conducted Pan India across 100+ Test Centres

The scope of AIEAA 2018: The test paper shall consist of questions from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with 10 additional questions of Graphic Era and the surrounding regions. 

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