Amity University buys New York Campus for $22M

Sarika Rana updated on : 12 Oct 2016

Amity University is to expand its reach to the USA with the purchase of one campus in New York and a proposal for two more. This has resulted in opposition from state officials in Massachusetts. Read to know more!

Amity University expands to the USA

One of India’s largest Universities, Amity University is now spreading its wings to the USA. It has purchased a campus in New York and has a proposal to add two more. However, this decision has invited opposition from the state officials in Massachusetts about the quality of education it will offer.

Amity University has its branches globally including India, England, South Africa, China and 5 other countries. Now it plans to get a branch in the US. Only a few foreign schools have been able to establish themselves due to hefty cost and tighter regulation. Amity University has paid a whopping amount of $22 million to buy a Long Island branch of St. John’s University in New York City, which is located on a 170-acre land.

Amity University has also set a deal to buy New England Institute of Art and the Art Institute of New York City. This has made the Massachusetts state officials quite sceptical concerning about the quality of education they might provide. The problem lies in the credibility of the university, to set up its branch without any prior involvement in education work in the USA. Hence, the state’s board of higher education has been asked to block the sale for now.

Amity University, however, is pushing for the US expansion for many years now. It has a global vision for education, a model of education that allows for student mobility, faculty and research collaboration.

This opposition by the state officials of Massachusetts is surely proving to be a roadblock in the expansion story of Amity University. Even if it is approved, the university will need to go through a rigorous process of granting degrees, which would need approval from a US accrediting official. On the other hand, to receive financial aid for its students, it would have to be screened by the US Department of Education. The opening of the new branch will be a task considering all these problems in the way. However, it will be interesting to see whether the university is able to clear the processes easily.

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