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Annual Workshop on Information Literacy and Competency at University of Delhi

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Delhi University Library System, University of Delhi will organise its annual workshop on ‘Information Literacy and Competency’ on January 17 and 18, 2013 at Conference Center, Delhi University.

Information Literacy & Competency-Delhi University Information Literacy & Competency-Delhi University

Delhi University Library System is organising annual Workshop on 'Information Literacy and Competency' for the benefit of the Faculty Members & Research Scholars in the discipline of Science/ Social Science and Arts & Humanities on January 17 and 18, 2013 at Conference Center of the University. This program is being organised annually to promote the usage of e-resources in teaching, learning and research in the university.

All Faculty Members, M.Phil & Ph.D Scholars in the discipline of Sciences/ Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities of University of Delhi, Delhi can participate in this workshop.

The objectives of the program are:

• Expose the audience with the availability of electronic resources which are being subscribed by the Delhi University and can be accessed Campus wide.
• Provide a practical demonstration with the help of certain standard rules generally being followed for citation of bibliographical references, footnotes etc.
• Demonstrate various search techniques for searching precise and relevant information on the web including the Discovery and Collaboration tool Knimbus.
• Orientation to citation and analysis databases such as Scopus.
• Expose to the public domain electronic resources in the field of Sciences/ Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities.
• Demonstrate the user oriented new information services of DULS.

Venue and date:

17th January, 2013 - Discipline of Sciences
18th January, 2013 - Discipline of Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities,

Venue: Conference Centre, DU.

Registration Details

• Participants need to mail their consent to Rajesh Singh, Deputy Librarian in the Central Library and register your name on rajeshzone29@yahoo.co.in latest by December 27, 2012.
• There is no registration fee for participation.
• Please download attached consent form (http://crl.du.ac.in/ilcw/index.htm)

Source: Ravi Kumar, Campus Specialist

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