Apeejay Students’ Day Out with Mewat Community Radio Team

HTCampus Expert updated on : 29 Dec 2016

School of Journalism and Mass Communication(SJMC) branch students went to Mewat community radio Centre.

Apeejay Stya University students were treated to a surprise visit to a village school in Mewat when on a field trip the School of Journalism and Mass Communication(SJMC) branch students went to Mewat community radio Centre. The trip was the part of the course but the spontaneous visit to the middle school in Rhena village from the Radio Centre was surprisingly the main highlight of the tour. When (SJMC) students reached the radio station, they were totally surprised and Malavika Kodiath, an SJMC student said “I was totally shocked to see the place because I expected to see a proper building but instead there was a big house but they had all the tools and equipment inside”. The news came in that Prime Minister’s ‘Maan Ki Baat’ session was going on in a village school, finding the opportunity to good to pass the students tagged along with the radio people to the site and witnessed the whole session in the first person.
The trip proved to be a real eye opener for most of them as the majority had never been to a real village. On the surface, everything seemed quite normal but a person who wishes to remain anonymous revealed that in Rhena girls were still being married at a very early age. The students interacted with the school children and took interviews and recordings as a part of their assignment. It was a cultural shock for most of them as coming from cities they got to witness the backwardness in this rural area. The people from the radio station covered the whole session and on the way back they informed us that you could count houses with television sets on your fingertips, therefore, radio was the only realistic source of mass media in those part. After enquiring further, the students were informed that it was due to being a Muslim majority area where they believed keeping a television set was against their religion. The community radio is the main source of mass communication in such places in terms of broadcasting news to the people and bridging the gap between villages and the cities.
The trip left a big mark on the students who posted pictures online and talked extensively about the problems in these areas via social media. It was a great hand on experience for the students who wish to go into media sector to learn and get field experience. No amount of studies can provide better learning environment than actual field experience and such trips are there to fulfill the real purpose of education.
Source: Harish Singh Mehta, HTCampus Specialist 

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