APJ Abdul Kalam Will Continue to Rule Our Hearts, Here’s Why!

Kritika Sharma updated on : 29 Jul 2015

APJ Abdul Kalam, known as the missile man, was a rare breed. His demise left millions of hearts sobbing. Here are a few reasons that make him the most loved and respected man of the country.

He was a rare man, an epitome of simplicity, a true visionary who dreamt of an India much ahead of time, a teacher who made sure he inspired young minds to not just work for his dream but to adopt it as their dream as well. His modesty is one thing any and every one appreciates, he was a rare man, he was THE APJ Abdul Kalam. White locks, simplicity and a smile to die for, that is what sums up our most loved President for us, APJ Abdul Kalam.

He touched the hearts of millions and proved his worth in every domain that he worked in. His mind and intellect was beyond comparison. He proved to be a great scientist in DRDO and ISRO, gaining tremendous applauds for his work on the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology. Kalam’s benchmark contribution to the world science was in 1998, where he was the key player in instrumenting India’s Pokhran- II nuclear tests. This helped India in being the sixth member of the elite nuclear club after the US, USSR, France, China and UK.

He wasn’t a politician yet he was one of the greatest leaders India ever had. He kept the country together and bridged the gap between the rich and the poor. He occupied the highest seat in the land in the most subtle and subdued way possible. He had no airs, he was one amongst us. He was one of us and was present for us. In the 83 years that he lived, he inspired us throughout, even while passing away he left with an inspiration. He died doing what he loved doing, imparting knowledge to the students at IIM Shillong.

Here is a list of things that we will always remember him for:

1. He practised what he preached

Unlike others who have the power of influencing others, Kalam was one person who always preached what he himself practised.

“Dreams is not something that you see in sleep, it is something that does not let you sleep”- APJ Abdul Kalam.

He dreamt of a stronger India in 2020 and made sure he contributed enough to achieve his dream. His work as a scientist, as a Politician, a teacher, a mentor, an influencer and most importantly as a human is and will always be something that the country remembers him for.


2. He was  the most uncommon common man

“I am not a handsome guy but I can give my Hand-to-some one who needs it”- APJ Abdul Kalam

Beauty lies in the kind of work you do. APJ Abdul Kalam was one of the most beautiful people we have ever come across. He is the idol to a majority of people in the country, ranging from 10 year olds to 60 year olds. He occupied the highest seat in the country without making anyone realize about the power he possess. He once refused to sit on a chair specially designed for him because it was higher than the other chairs on the panel. He had a lot of privileges but he never enjoyed them as such. He was a grounded man, more grounded than anyone can ever be.

3. He loved kids

“Sometimes it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because today when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do..”- APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam who loved kids dearly and spent time with them. APJ Abdul Kalam devoted most of his time in educating kids and making them work towards the righht goal. He was a people’s person and he made sure he imparts and shares his knowledge with future of the country. He spoke to the youth in the language they would understand and he was a hit amongst them because he too understood their needs and requirements instead of imposing his thoughts on them.


4. He was a visionary

“Let us sacrifice our today, so that our children can have a better tomorrow”- APJ Abdul Kalam

He thought about the great India in 2020. He had a vision and worked towards achieving that. His contribution to the world of science is one we will never be able to forget. He was a learned man and made sure people around him gain from his knowledge. India will always be in debt for his contributions in the development of our country. He just had one motto and that was to see India move ahead of all the other countries. His contribution to the world of education will always be with us. He shared his wisdom with 6 year olds and 50 year olds and created the needed impact on them.


5. He was the perfect mix of science, education, morality and leadership

“Don’t read success stories, you will only get message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success…!”- APJ Abdul Kalam

He was the leader the nation wants today. He proved to be the strong foundation to the country’s growth which was led by humility, knowledge, science, prosperity and vision. He wanted the people to work hard and he made sure he himself contributed to the same cause.

Once during an important project, one of the 70 scientists working on it asked Dr Kalam if he could leave at 5.30 pm as he wanted to take his kids to an exhibition. He got the permission to leave but got really busy with the work only to realize at 8:30 that he had disappointed his kids. He reached to realize that his kids had gone to exhibition and the person to take them there was none other than, his manager, APJ Abdul Kalam.

This is how humble and noble our 11th President was! Everyone who has ever interacted with him, has his/her own reason to love him.

He might not be with us today, but his noble work, his contributions and his inspirations will be with the generations to come. Thank you Kalam sir for your valuable contributions to our country. 

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