Aura-Aurangabad Dance Concert Continues

HTCampus Expert updated on : 14 Dec 2015

Aura Aurangabad Dance Concert Continues on December 10, 2015 under the Cultural Tourism Initiative of MAHAGAMI GURUKUL


Under the Cultural Tourism Initiative of MAHAGAMI GURUKUL, the 16th concert of Aura-Aurangabad was held on December 10, 2015.  Kuchipudi dance presented by Amrita Lahiri, Singapore was greatly appreciated by the audience.

Amrita Lahiri presented, Shabdam is a narrative piece typical of the Kuchipudi style. Mandookashabdam describes the forest, its creatures and flowers, which is the setting for the story of GajendraMokhsham. King Indradyumna had given up his kingdom and was praying to Vishnu in the forest when Sage Agastya walked past. The king was deep in meditation and did not acknowledge Sage Agastya. Because of this, Agastya cursed him to become an elephant. As the elephant was drinking in a lake one day, a crocodile caught hold of him. After a struggle, the elephant called out to Vishnu for help, who rescued him from the crocodile. Choreography- VempatiChinna Satyam.

Shabdam was followed by Shiva Tarangam- A tarangam is a trademark piece in the Kuchipudi style, popular as the ‘plate dance’.  While mosttarangams are to Krishna, as they are verses coming from NarayanaTeertha’sShri Krishna LeelaTarangini, this particular Tarangam is to Shiva. In it, the dancer shows the story of the descent of the Ganga. King Bhagiratha prayed to Shiva to grant him a boon- his ancestors had been cursed and reduced to ashes. Only if the Ganges River flowed over them would they get salvation. However, if the Ganga descends with all her force, the entire world will be destroyed. Shiva allows Ganga to take her first steps on his head and descend. Choreography- JaikishoreMosalikanti.


The performance concluded Tillana,  Thillana- Kuchipudi performances generally conclude with a Thillana- a joyful dance of abandon, with intricate rhythm patterns. While the pure dance, or nritta, forms the major component of a thillana, every thillana has a bit of sahitya- verses of poetry- included in it, to give it a unique character. This thillana has been conceptualized bringing together Carnatic music- a composition in RaagDesh by KuldeepPai- with RabindraSangeet- the song 'EshoShyamoloShundoro'- sung by SounakChattopadhyay. Choreography- Amrita Lahiri.



Aura-Aurangabad was conceptualized and launched by MAHAGAMI in the year 2013 with an aim to make Aurangabad city a culturally rich & vibrant place for tourists; to initiate & promote Cultural Tourism; and to bring back the glory of Aurangabad as the favourite heritage tourist destination in India. The dance concert series ‘Aura-Aurangabad’ is being greatly appreciated by the tourists and guests from all over the world. The series presented 21 concerts in its 1st season & 30 in the 2ndcatering to the cultural quest of more than 5000 visitors. Owing to the warm & overwhelming response from the audience, the series has become a much-talked-about event that not just gives a cultural exposure to the tourists, but also throws more light on the history & heritage of Aurangabad. This program, a Cultural Tourism Initiative of MAHAGAMI Gurukul is designed & curated by Parwati Dutta.


Source: Abhinay Pande, HT Campus Specialist

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