Baahubali Case Study Finds Place in IIMA Curriculum

Vinod Sharma updated on : 31 Jan 2018

A case study of Baahubali is to become a part of an elective course on movie business offered to the second year students of the flagship program.

Baahubali Case Study

We have all been impressed by the screenplay, drama, action and storytelling in Baahubali – one of the most successful movies in the Indian film industry. The movie was a blockbuster and its box office collections are but more impressive than any other movie so far. The movie is so much success that IIM Ahmedabad is working on a case study to find out how art, business and technology can be successfully combined to deliver a largely successful franchise.

IIMA alumnus and visiting faculty, Bharathan Kandaswamy is to author the case study and it will be a part of an elective course on movie business offered to the second year students of the flagship program of management at the institute. The inclusion of the case study in the business management course is the fact that Baahubali was the spectacular combination of art business and technology as compared to other films that are creative and artistic but fail to garner high box office collections. Even when some movies are successful, they lack the effective use of technology.

The case study will focus on Baahubali – The beginning and the sequel; Baahubali – The Conclusion and will make a stern effort to fathom the success mantra behind these movies. SS Rajamouli directed both the films that collected over INR 1000 Crore at the domestic and international box office. The brain behind the case study is Kandaswamy who is associated with Kavithalayaa Productions, a South Indian production house that made films like Mani Ratnam’s Roja and Ek Duje Ke Liye.

The case study is to be the part of an elective course dubbed ‘Contemporary Film Industry Business Perspective’ launched in IIMA in 2008-09. It will take another 4-5 five months for the case study to be completed and focus will remain on the business of the film industry. The course will cover all the aspects of the film – starting right from selection of scripts, marketing, film financing, how to raise funds and post-production to the films hitting the screens. 

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