Benefits Of Choosing Dehradun For Management Studies

Preeti Gupta updated on : 21 Jul 2017

Choosing Dehradun for management studies enables students reap a great many benefits. Know about them here.

Management Course From Dehradun

To get a dream job, a degree from a reputed institute is a necessity in today’s highly competitive world. But the selection of a right college in itself is a troublesome process and one of the most difficult things is to choose the best destination. Since the importance of higher education in India has increased, some destinations with options of reputed universities and colleges enjoy more recognition. One of the destinations that have emerged as a favorite place for higher education is Dehradun. Be it the proximity to hill stations, availability of top colleges or quality of education, there are several reasons making Dehradun the best destination to pursue courses like management, engineering, hotel management etc.

If you are still thinking why Dehradun is the best destination to pursue management course, here are top 5 reasons.

Good Choice of Colleges

The number of engineering and management colleges in Dehradun has increased three fold in the last decade. It gives students ample choices of institutes to find the best one. At present, Dehradun has around 85 colleges offering management courses, which means a student with any preference will definitely get a right college.

Student Friendly Lifestyle

Looking at the increasing number of students coming to the city for higher education, Dehradun has adopted a student friendly lifestyle. So you are sure to enjoy the years spent here on completing management course. Not just the lifestyle, the city also takes care of eating habits of students and provides a variety of food.

Strategic Location of Institutes

To ensure the hustle bustle of city life doesn’t disturb students, the institutes in Dehradun have been strategically placed. Further, to provide an enjoyable life to the students, the college campuses, as well as hostels, have been equipped with all the amenities.

Amazing Climate

Lying at the foothills of Himalayas, the ‘School Capital of India’ has cool temperature and pleasant weather; making it a perfect place to live and enjoy life. Proximity to hill stations improves the environment of Dehradun and makes it a great place for further studies.

Overall Growth of Students

Institutes in this ‘City of Schools’ focus on overall development of the students and involve many other activities in curriculum. To ensure that students going out from the colleges are ready to face the corporate world, institutes like Graphic Era University provide a number of extracurricular and co-curricular activities both within and outside the college campus. Apart from this, the city also has many options for special training and hobby classes, which students can join to polish their skills.

Also, those who are looking for a better exposure and honing skills in the field of their likings, Graphic Era University ends the hunt for a perfect management or engineering college. 

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