BESCYI Bhawanipur Chaupal Induction Session

HTCampus Expert updated on : 13 Aug 2015

Bhawinpur Education Society College (BESC) and the Yi Yuva set off their 2nd Year Collaboration on 7th August 2015

Yi Bhawanipur Chaupal Induction Session, a collaboration between Bhawanipur Education Society College and Yi Yuva, a vertical of CII for youth empowerment, was inaugurated on 7th August 2015. Mr. Saurabh Surekha, the Yi Chair Kolkata Chapter, Mr. Arpit Dhandhania, Yi Yuva Coordinator, and Prof. Dilip Shah, Dean of Student Affairs of the college were the key guests for the session.

Prof. Dilip Shah stated in his speech the importance of Entrepreneurship and how the college was getting involved in various kinds of activities for highlighting the significance of the same.

Yi Yuva has a provision for the 360 Degree Leadership Programme which can be taken up by students. Mr. Jagan Nath, Yi member, gave a brief introduction to this initiative through a powerpoint presentation decribing the objectives, vision and the process of enrolment for the Programmed.

On the other hand, Mr. Saurabh Sureka, the Yi Chair, mentioned about his own experience as a college student that he gained through the Yi Yuva programme. He beautifully described the impact of luxuries we possess today and how we effortlessly derive benefits from it. He also mentioned about the future programmes such as industrial visits, funding of business plans etc.

Yi Yuva coordinators, later on, explained the activities that were carried out this year and what changes did it bring in them. Alongside, participation certificates were also awarded to the students who active took part in the programmed last year.

Post the session, registrations were declared open and the students were seen as very enthusiastic about taking up entrepreneurship.

Source: Shriya Aggarwal, HT Campus Specialist

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