Must Read Books for CAT Preparation 2017

Rajat updated on : 27 Jul 2017

Only few months are left for CAT 2017 and students are required to select books and study materials. Check out the best books to read for CAT 2017 preparation

Best books for CAT preparation 2017

Are you preparing for CAT 2017 and finding it difficult to select best books? It’s indeed a very tiring and confusing job for the students who are preparing for CAT 2017. What bothers the most is which books should be referred as there are hundreds of books available in the market. In such scenario, students need to do great research on the books required to crack common admission test. Research is again a tedious task and as students already has less time, so it is really a challenging situation for them. Selecting best books one should read to crack IIM entrance examinations is like moving forward in right direction. But how will the students come to know which books are like a torch in this darkness of confusion.

If you are an IIM aspirant and are preparing for common admission test, you need to focus on the study materials and the books lying on your study books. Latest books, updated material are most important priority. It is wise to check online which books are latest and which books are mostly read by previous CAT toppers. As they say, it’s more about your strategic planning, thus selection of best books for CAT preparation is also a part of this war strategy. It’s an action plan which is to be executed in prefect manner, wrong step and you are out race.

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List of best books to read for CAT preparation 2017 

 There are so many books in market, so it really troublesome task to zero down the selection of best books required for the MBA exam preparation. We have prepared a list based on the research. This list includes some of the best and highly recommended books all students should read to crack IIM admission test.

Common admission test has three separate categories. And every individual category will have its own specific books and study materials.

CAT 2017 - Books to prepare Quantitative Aptitude

First let’s discuss about Quantitative Aptitude. One should start the preparation with:

  1. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT: It’s written by Arun Sharma.  This book is highly recommended for the students as it is easy and simple to understand.  A best seller and must read one, this book has a systematic and scientific method of topic discussion.
  2. Quantum CAT: Written by Sarvesh K Verma, this book serves best for all IIM aspirants.
  3. The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation: This book is written by Nishit Sinha. This book is published with several new updates and additions (including equations, co – ordinate geometry, number system etc.)

CAT 2017 - Books to prepare Data Interpretation and Logical Learning

Second category we have is Data Interpretation and Logical Learning. Below mentioned are some famous books which should be read while preparing for CAT 2017.

  1. How to prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT Common Admission Test: The author of this book is Arun Sharma. It is said that DI doesn’t have a set syllabus. This book includes several test papers of DI which are based on current CAT exam pattern.
  2. How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT Common Admission Test: One more book authored by Arun Sharma, this book contains some of the best methods for preparation which the author has mentioned in very practical approach for the students who are preparing for their common admission test entrance examinations.
  3. Pearson Guide to Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT and Other MBA Entrance Examinations: This book gives a combined approach to data interpretation and logical reasoning. This is help for students as it also focuses on other MBA entrance examinations as well.

CAT 2017 - Books to prepare for Verbal Ability

The next category is Verbal Ability. There are several books out in the market but some of the famous ones are here.

  • The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT: This book is authored by Nishit Kumar Sinha. This book is a fine composition of both the sections. Students will get to practice a large number of practice tests along with AIMCAT tests.
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: A book written by Ajay Singh, this book focuses on preparation of many competitive exams. Particularly designed to cater the needs of students looking for verbal ability, this book is a must to have for all CAT aspirants.
  • How to Prepare for the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT: This book has been written by Meenakshi Upadhyay and Arun Sharma. An entire range of questions asked in all CAT examinations have been covered in this book. Students who are preparing for NMAT, SNAP, IIFT, CMAT, XAT etc. should also read this book.

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Apart from these books, there are several other books such students should read for CAT preparation. A student should check if the topic is relevant in accordance with the CAT exam pattern, which topics and ideas have been covered and the language of the book. These books are as follows:

-          The Complete CAT Digest by Arun Sharma

-          How to Prepare for CAT by Muhamed Muneer

-          Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhjijit Guha

-          Quantitative Aptitude for CAT and Other MBA Entrance Exams by Trishna Knowledge Systems

-          8th, 9th and 10th class books of CBSE

-          8th, 9th 10th class books of NCERT

-          30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary by Wilfred Funk

-          A Communicative Grammar in English by Geoffrey Leech

-          Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

-          Barron’s Pocket Guide to Vocabulary

It is also advised for the students to read some newspapers and magazines regularly to stay updated. These will help you a lot in GD and PI. Check out the following newspapers and magazines for the same:


-          The Hindu

-          Economics Times

-          The Indian Express

-          The Statesman


-          Competition Success Review (CSR)

-          Business World

-          Business Line

-          Management Compass Career Launcher

-          Business Today

CAT Preparation 2017 - Mock Tests and other Study Materials

There are several institutes and study centre which give coaching for cracking CAT. One can go and by the study materials from there. The good thing is that these study materials are prepared by experts who have years of experience. They have an in depth knowledge of entrance exam pattern and study material prepared by them is indeed a great help for the students. Moreover, one should be regular with mock tests. Mock tests keep you prepared. Taking mock tests is the best way to analyse your preparation for CAT 2017. Sometimes students don’t take mock tests that much seriously and skip them in the beginning and when the exam comes closer, they start taking these mock tests. This is a wrong practice and it shouldn’t be followed. Mock tests give you a proper insight that how much has you prepared and how much is left behind.  

Books are initial and first choice for any student when s/he is preparing for any exam. When it comes to CAT where everyone is aspiring to score highest percentile in CAT 2017, it becomes a matter of great research as to which books they should go for. Wrong selection of books and study material can lead to serious problems. So, student should select the books which are in the trends and which are highly recommended by experts and CAT toppers.


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