What are the best books to read for MAT preparation 2017?

Rajat updated on : 21 Jul 2017

Only two months are left for MAT 2017. Check out top ten best books every student should read to crack MAT 2017 for admission in top B - Schools.

Best books for MAT preparation 2017

Preparing for any exam depends on what books you select. Choices of study materials greatly impacts the way you start your preparation. If you have good selection of books in your hands, your exam preparation will be far better. And when it comes to management aptitude test, picking up books for exam preparation becomes a headache. It’s been seen that students often remain baffled up with the selection of best books for MAT preparation.

Management Aptitude Test or simply MAT is a national level entrance exam test. This exam is held four times a year i.e. in February, May, September and December. Now only two months are left behind for MAT exam which is scheduled to be conducted in September 2017. And in this short time, students are required to prepare very hard and the books which are to be selected for MAT preparation 2017 should cover the entire syllabus of examination. So that, students can cover every single concept without leaving anything.

If you are planning to take this exam, you should also check the Best Books to refer for CAT preparation. It is believed that the students who are doing their preparation for CAT (master exam), that will cover almost all syllabus for other MBA examinations as well. But still those students who are preparing for MAT 2017 need some dedication preparation for this exam and they need proper study materials and books to read. In this article, we will cover some of the best and highly recommended books for MAT 2017 preparation which every MBA and MAT aspirant should read for in order to crack MAT 2017. Check out the list of the best books which every student should read for MAT 2017 preparation so that s/he can crack this entrance exam with good percentiles.

10 Best Books Every Student Should Read for MAT 2017 Preparation

1.       Mission MBA MAT Guide: This book has been authored by Tarun Goyal and BS Sijwali combined and is published by Arihant Books. This book is a great help for the MAT aspirants as it has covered all the topics along with it has given all the strategic approaches prepare for MAT examination 2017.

2.       The Pearson MAT Super Course: This book is really an amazing choice for MAT 2017 aspirants. This is a complete book which covers all the sections including Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency. This book comes with a CD.

3.       MAT (Management Aptitude Test) Entrance Exams with Practice:  This book is published by G K Publications Pvt Ltd. This book covers all the major sections entrance examination and also has the question paper patterns which are asked in the MAT exam.

4.       MAT Score Accelerator: Published by Disha Publication, this book provides exact design of the exam pattern based on the latest updates which gives the students a real feel of the exam. This book has suitable for MAT aspirants.

5.       10 Mock Test Papers MAT written by Career Launchers: This book is published by Oswal Books. This book has been specially prepared by experienced academics and experts which cover all the sections questions which are possibly and frequently asked in MAT exam.

6.       10 Challengers MAT: 10 Mock Tests for Management Aptitude Test: This book has been written by Dharmendra Mittal, published by Arihant Publications. This book serves as a perfect choice for the students who are preparing for MAT 2017. This book contains all the possible questions along with exam pattern.

7.       How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT: This book has been authored by Arun Sharma. This book basically is for CAT aspirants but as there is no big difference between both the exams so it also prepares you for MAT 2017.

8.       R S Aggarwal for Class XI and XII: This book prepares your foundation. MBA entrance exam covers several topics from school books which students may skip learning. Thus, this book is a good choice. This book is suitable for brushing up the skills.

9.       Barron’s Guide to GMAT: This book has been co-authored by D. Jaffe and Stephen Hilbert and is published by Galgotias Publication Pvt Ltd. This book is a good choice for students. It is among must read books as it makes the students understand all the MAT sections.

10.   Study Package for Management Aptitude Test: This book has been written by Arun Sharma published by Tata McGraaw Hill. The books covers several strategies on how answer all the questions asked in MAT along with many shortcuts to save your time.

The list of the books doesn’t end however it’s good to select only good books which are recommended and written by experienced experts and professional academics. You will find several books in the market. Doing a proper research on study material is a wise act which every student should do. This exam is not that much tough. But with proper guidance and good books for preparation can help the students crack this exam easily in given time. MAT is going to be your passport to hundreds of top ranked Business Schools of the country, so preparation should be up to the marks.

It is wise to regularly read the latest news and updates. Some students don’t do this and then start reading general awareness when only two months are left for exam. But this is a not a good practice and it should be avoided. Rather, it’s always good to keep on reading the newspaper and magazines so that there becomes no load of reading in the end. All MBA/Mat aspirants should read The Hindu and Economic Time newspaper. Also there are several business magazines which are recommended for students who are aspiring to crack MAT. These magazines include Business Line by the Hindu Group, India Today, and Business Today by India Today Group, Business World, and Competition Success Review etc.

Mock test is the best way to analyse your preparation. One should practice mock tests on a regular basis as mock tests gives you an idea that how much have you prepared and how much is left to be done. Students can start practising with solving the unsolved question papers and model papers. This also gives a hint of latest MAT exam pattern. There are so many websites which provide MAT mock tests free of cost.

Good books and proper practice can make you crack MAT examination 2017 with good percentile. All you need is a consistent practice and good study material which is preferred by everyone. Before selecting the study material for MAT 2017, make sure that the language of the material is lucid so that it is easy to understand, the material should be of latest edition with all the updates. Good books will be your guide to exam preparation.  

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