Best Engineering Colleges in Pune University for Computer Science

Nidhi Mishra updated on : 13 Feb 2017

Engineering Colleges in Pune University for CSE

Pune as a Location for Pursuing CS Engineering:

Pune is one of the most famous destinations for engineering aspirants, as it accommodates some of the best engineering colleges in India. In the field of computer science engineering (CSE), Pune has bright career prospects in the form of a number of institutions that are part of the prestigious Pune University. Some of the top engineering colleges in Pune University not only boast of highly qualified and experienced faculty but also act as recognised research centres serving the society and offering good research opportunities to students.

For gaining effective computer programming knowledge and practical exposure through a variety of computer science projects, these Pune University engineering colleges are wonderful choices. Ranging from the admission process, fee structure, and placement opportunities to the provision of expert computer science faculty, facilities, infrastructure, and campus life, some of these colleges come up with the most effective and attractive packages for CS engineering aspirants.

Top Colleges in Pune University to Pursue CSE:

Let us share more about the best engineering colleges in Pune University for computer science so you can make a wise choice if you are also interested in becoming a high-end and high-quality programmer or software/hardware engineer. Find out here the engineering colleges (in no order) that top our list on a variety of factors that we explain later.

Top Engineering Colleges in Pune University for Computer Science:


Approx. Course Fee/Year (INR)

Admission Exam

Speciality of the College

Official Website

College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)



Research orientation, technical competitions, magnificent placement record

Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT)


JEE Main


Excellent placements, funded technical projects/workshops, site visits

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT)



Conceptual knowledge with professional experience, flexible schedule, highly experienced faculty

Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT)


JEE Main


Application-oriented instructional pedagogy, communication lab, technical training, computerised library

Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE)


JEE Main


Research opportunities, industry interaction, great campus life, technical project competitions


International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)


JEE Main

JEE Advanced

Great faculty, highly equipped facilities, research projects

Dr D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology (DYPIET)



State-of-the-art computing facilities, multidisciplinary approach to learning

All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society’s College of Engineering (AISSMSCOE)


JEE Main


Hands-on technical experience, value education, strong industry partnerships

Army Institute of Technology (AIT)


JEE Main

State-of-the-art infrastructure, overall development through student-centric activities

Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering for Women (BVCOE)


JEE Main


Technically sound environment, great industry exposure

Common Factors Making These Colleges the Best for CSE:

Learning Opportunities:

This is probably the most important factor that separates the chaff from the wheat. All our listed engineering colleges in Pune University have this factor in common. These have become the top choices of computer science engineering aspirants, as all these institutes deliver high-quality education and provide impactful learning opportunities to students. For instance, COEP promotes open source software development. The institute lets students involve in many such development projects. Similarly, PICT lets students develop products in-house. Such opportunities strengthen practical learning along with conceptual.

Faculty and Teaching Pedagogy:

All of the listed colleges have the best of faculty members who have a vast experience in the field of computer science. They have also been active in the professional field of computing. Thus, the faculty members can make students aware of the latest technological developments in the domain of CSE. Whether it is the arena of artificial intelligence, robotics, and computer-integrated manufacturing or database management and Web design, they teach students through their valuable real-life experiences. Such flexible teaching while following the set curriculum of a college can sharpen the minds of students.

Infrastructure and Facilities:

The listed colleges in Pune University are also leading on the aspect of providing well-equipped facilities and the best of infrastructure to computer science students. While some colleges boast of cost-saving virtual labs, impactful Web resources, animated demonstrations, and video lectures for CSE students, all of these surely offer an extraordinary computing environment. These colleges have a strong infrastructure, such as SCOE has a campus-wide Centralised Internet Browsing Centre and AIT has several ultra-modern and sophisticated programming labs and classrooms. The ambience and ergonomic design of their labs support significant skill enhancement among students.

Student-Focused Activities:

Ranging from the workshops on Java,NET, Open GL and more to the conduction of projects on embedded systems, Android application development, and other aspects, the best of CSE colleges in Pune University organise a variety of activities for students. These colleges also organise industry interaction events, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, industry visits, and technical events/competitions. All of these activities and events contribute to the all-round development of computer science students.

Campus Life:

All the listed colleges work towards maintaining a cheerful culture and supportive peer group environment on their campuses. They arrange campus festivals as well as extracurricular activities and innovation events that students can organise and lead. Along with the development of programming skills, a great campus life helps students develop other managerial and leadership skills. In addition, students develop the best skills when they receive a flexible and relaxed atmosphere, as present in these engineering colleges.

Research and Industrial Exposure:

Many of the above-mentioned engineering colleges have industrial collaboration, which makes them offer internship and sponsorship opportunities to their students. Additionally, these colleges have research work opportunities for students that help them gain an edge over computer engineers passing out of other colleges.

Placement Support:

Placement assistance is a critical factor when computer science students need to find a good engineering college for further studies. Thus, we have listed those institutes that offer consistent placement support to students. These engineering institutes in Pune University have a good record of placing students in reputed companies nationally and internationally. A few institutes like the Sinhgad College of Engineering even take initiatives that include the organisation of technical festivals and project competitions. They invite renowned firms and institutes to judge student competence at such events. This also helps firms explore the talent of students and absorb those displaying excellence.

Thus, students will benefit in all ways if they seek admission in the listed engineering colleges. Most of the colleges accept your CET or JEE scores. You can check specific brochures to know about their detailed admission criteria and fee structures.

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