Best High Paying Jobs in India

Nitin Rao updated on : 21 Nov 2017

Here are the top 10 high paying jobs in India, which let you earn fat pay cheques and help you lead a lavish and luxury lifestyle.

High Paying Jobs in India

High paying jobs in India not only provide a sense of financial security but also fetch the good and healthy lifestyle. In this competitive world, everybody wants to lend in the high paying jobs and earn huge paycheques to secure their future. India, being a country where a large proportion of the population is young, smart and skilful, opens a great number of career opportunities for deserving contenders. Over the years, with the plunge of global boundaries and the arrival of the MNC culture in India, the average salary packages have seen a good upsurge as compared to other countries across the world. However, most of the times, students are not aware of such professions, which can be fruitful for them. Hence, HTCampus scrutinises and pores over such professions that can lead you to a lavish and luxury lifestyle. Here are the top 10 high paying jobs in India for you:

Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most reputable, trustworthy and highly regarded courses available for commerce students. Every company, be it Multi-National Companies (MNCs), Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Large Corporate, Start-ups etc hire Chartered Accountants. Chartered Accountancy is among the most challenging and rewarding professions. After getting a rich experience in this field, a Chartered Accountant tends to become a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the organisation, which is one of the highest posts of any company.

Chartered Accountant Career

Chartered Accountancy- Roles and Responsibilities

Every organisation needs Chartered Accountants to help planning the taxes and compliances. Chartered Accountants consider as the complete business solutions providers who ensure company’s compliance with regulatory requirements, capital structure and planning, conducting and preparing the feasibility study and project reports, installing internal accounting and budgetary controls, mobilising financial resources and organisational development etc. They are hired to give advice on various organisational decisions and issues such as amalgamation, valuation, foreign collaborations, joint ventures, merger, product pricing and restructuring etc.

Chartered Accountancy- Skills Required

  • Ability to Minutely Study and Analyse Facts and Figures
  • Be Driven to Continually Updating Oneself
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Strategic Management Skill
  • Very Analytical Mind

Pros & Cons of Chartered Accountancy Career

Pros: Chartered Accountancy is a profession of trust and is an essential part of any company, which hire a Chartered Accountancy. Hence, CAs often treated as the top-level employees of the company.

Cons: Being a professional course, Chartered Accountancy (CA) is a tough course to pursue and takes years to complete.

Investment Bankers

Investment Banking, another good field to explore for commerce students, involves advisory services, selling and underwriting securities and trading securities for individuals, organisations and governments as well. The field of investment banking requires students to have a Finance, Economics, and/or Mathematics background.

Investment Banker Career

Investment Banking- Roles and Responsibilities

Investment banking is all about making money out of money! Investment bankers provide assistance to their client in raising capital and financial investments. Moreover, investment bankers are the professionals who guide their clients while taking the major decisions of the company such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other opportunities.

Investment Banking- Skills Required

  • High Research/Analytical Frame of Mind
  • Excellent Command over the English Language and Communication
  • Sound Technical Knowledge
  • An Innovative and Critical Thinking
  • Ability to Handle Difficult Situations and Work under Pressure
  • In-depth Knowledge to Analyse Figures and Forecast Sales and Budget

Pros & Cons of Investment Banking Career

Pros: Investment Banking not only gives you healthy paycheques but also the opportunity to work with intellectual people. Besides, the best part of being an Investment Banker is that it opens doors to other banking related departments.

Cons: Investment Banking is a field of fierce completion, thus, getting into this field is a bit difficult as compared to other average professions. This job requires long working hours and has never-ending learning process.

Management Professionals

The Management Profession is and always be among the high paying jobs in India. Management Professionals, considered as the soul of the organisations, are the top management employees of the company who take the major decisions to run an organisation. They are the backbones of the company and are required by all the organisations.

Management Professional Career

Management Professionals- Roles and Responsibilities

As mentioned above, the Management Professionals are the pillars of any organisation who make the most important decisions to develop the organisation’s structure, objectives, revenues, reputation etc. Their main concern is to build the organisation’s strategies and policies that help to grow the organisation.

Management Professionals- Skills Required

  • Must Have a Business-driven Mind
  • Ability to Make Huge Decisions
  • Time Management
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication Skills

Pros & Cons of Management Professional Career

Pros: A top-level management professional designation is always reputable in any organisation. It gives you the power in-hand to control the organisational activities and objectives for company’s robustness.

Cons: The bigger the designation the higher the pressure! Management Professionals are required to work long hours and sometimes on weekends as well. Since their decisions can make or break the company’s fortune, they need to be more careful, calm and compose even in the difficult situations.

Business Analyst

Seeing the immense competition in the field of business across the world, the need for Business Analysts has increased at a rapid pace in this past decade. In this era of the business world, Business Analysts tend to have multiple facets. Generally, the Business Analysts are required to analyse the competition in the market.

Business Analysts Career

Business Analysts - Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of Business Analysts have been transformed over the years. They tend to work as the mediators, moderators, connectors, and sometimes as the ambassadors of the company. Business Analysts help the company’s growth by identifying the opportunities to improve the business operations and processes. They are liable to analyse the business’ functional as well as technical designs.

Business Analysts- Skills Required

  • High IQ Is Must
  • Knowledge of Business Standards
  • Decision-making Ability
  • Understanding of Business Requirements
  • Capability to Analyse and Modify Business’ Operations and Processes

Pros & Cons of Business Analysts

Pros: Business Analysts tend to work on multiple projects, thus, making the work less tedious. Meeting with new people, challenges on regular basis will make you develop new skills.

Cons: The major concern of the Business Analysts’ jobs is that their work is required for a limited period or the projects. Hence, they are hired for a short period with no further work guarantee.

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals were, are and will always be in demand. Unfortunately, with the rapid pace in the industrialisations, the human is inviting affliction and ailment to himself. Hence, the need for doctors, surgeons, psychologists, nurses and other medical experts will always be required. Thus, the Medical Profession promises a steady career growth and can never face any recession.

Medical Professional Careers

Medical Professionals- Roles and Responsibilities

Since the field of healthcare comprised of a number of medical professions, the job roles and responsibilities differ accordingly. Some healthcare professions require the person to perform complicated surgeries while in some professions; the person is required to take care of the diet and nutrition of infants.

Medical Professionals- Skills Required

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Ability to Perform Multi-Tasks
  • Ability to Work Under Pressure
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Flexibility

Pros & Cons of Medical Professionals

Pros: The Medical Profession is among the most honourable professions across the world. This profession has decent earning and good working conditions. Hence, the medical profession is always listed in the best high paying jobs in India. Moreover, most Medical Professionals tend to learn throughout their lives.

Cons: Medical Professionals do not have fix working hours and they are required to work on every day. They are mostly required to work under pressure as they deal with people’s lives on a daily basis.

Aviation Professionals

The aviation industry is again a huge industry to work on. There are tons of job opportunities at different levels. This sector offers high paying jobs in India and abroad as well. The aviation industry is comprised of some of the best job profiles including Airline Pilot, Aviation Safety Inspector, Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer, Airport Operations Manager, Air Traffic Controller and so on.

Aviation Professionals Career

Aviation Professionals- Roles and Responsibilities

Alike the Healthcare sector, the field of Aviation is also consist of tons of job opportunities, starting from entry level to senior management level. Hence, the roles and responsibilities vary as per the profession you choose to go with.  

Aviation Professionals -Skills Required

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Good People Skills
  • Positive Attitude and Outlook
  • Team Player
  • Reliable and Trustworthy

Pros & Cons of Aviation Professionals

Pros: The field of aviation is apt for people who love to travel around the nation and the world as well. The aviation industry has been witnessing a constant growth throughout these years.

Cons: This sector requires working for long and odd hours as well. Being in the field of aviation, you are required to work under higher pressure with split decisions that may affect others’ lives as well.

Law Professionals

It is a common notion that a person needs a law professional at least once in his/her lifetime. People need lawyers to protect their rights or require legal advice and services while defending themselves in legal disputes. Hence, individuals, organisations and government as well always require law professionals.

Law Professionals Career

Law Professionals- Roles and Responsibilities

There are plenty of job options in the field of law such as lawyers/advocates, paralegal, legal secretary, and legal assistant and so on. Lawyers are the legal counsellors or attorney of the person whereas Paralegals are the ones who serve as the lawyers’ hand. In short, Paralegals take care of certain tasks to free up lawyers’ time to focus on other things. Legal Secretaries are also known as the administrative assistants are the ones with fewer responsibilities as compared to Paralegals. Legal assistants are the combination of Legal Secretary and Paralegals.

Law Professionals -Skills Required

  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning
  • Understanding of Law and Constitutions
  • Attention to Details
  • Sound Judgment

Pros & Cons of Law Professionals

Pros: Law Professionals get the opportunity to work with prominent clients and organisations, which makes your resume more competitive.

Cons: It’s a bit difficult for a Law Professional to get a good job at the initial stages of his/her career. Hence, s/he is required to work for a certain period to find a good opportunity.

IT and Software Engineers

With the upsurge of IT sectors in India, the need of IT and Software Engineers have also increased over the years. Various companies hire IT Professionals to develop, build, deploy and troubleshoot software application used by the companies. IT and Software Engineers are responsible for company’s software upgrade, revamping and improvement.

IT and Software Careers

IT and Software Engineers- Roles and Responsibilities

IT and Software Engineers’ primary task is to rectify the technical errors, bugs and other troubles, which affects the production and revenue of the business. They are liable to configure, implement, and install company’s computer systems and/ or software to ease the work of other employees and clients.

IT and Software Engineers- Skills Required

  • Knowledge of Computer Languages
  • Able to Work on Linux/Unix, Perl, or Shell
  • Computer Programming
  • Logical and Structured Thinking
  • Problem-solving Approach
  • Ability to Concentrate for Long Hours

Pros & Cons of IT and Software Engineering

Pros: The field of IT and Software Engineering upgrades on a daily basis, hence, it provides you with the opportunity to learn new and amazing things every day and wonder yourself.

Cons: This field requires the person to have involved in coding all day, which makes it quite tedious and tiresome job.

Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking is a new addition to the list of high paying jobs in India. Growth hacking is majorly about doing the experiments across all the market channels and product development to produce the best possible way to grow the business. It is the process of growing the business by doing market research and experiments.

Growth Hacking Careers

Growth Hacker- Roles and Responsibilities

Growth Hacker analyses the data and users’ reviews and feedback on a specific product or multiple products and evaluates its impact and performance in the market. They also introduce creative ideas to grow Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Growth Hacker- Skills Required

  • Curious and Creative Attitude
  • Must Be Proficient in Ms Excel
  • Understanding of Statistics
  • Knowledge of Market Research
  • A/B Testing and Data Analytics Experience

Pros & Cons of Growth Hacking

Pros: Since the career of growth hacking is majorly about the market research, you get the opportunity learn the market scenario on a daily basis.

Cons: The profile of growth hacking is not very popular in India, hence, the opportunities in this field are growing gradually.

Social Media Manager

With the expansion of the internet and social media platforms, the demand for skilled social media managers has seen a great upsurge and hence, this profession makes it to the list of high paying jobs in India. The Social Media Manager is the one who handles the online marketing part of your business via using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbler, Google Plus and so on.

Social Media Management Career

Social Media Manager- Roles and Responsibilities

Since the use and popularity of social media platforms have increased in recent times, the roles and responsibilities of a social media manager have also become quite challenging. A Social Media Manager is hired to make promotional activities for your business to grow widespread using various techniques such as Brand Development, Identifying Target Audience, Building Brand Reputation, Creating Promotion and Engagement Strategies etc.

Social Media Manager- Skills Required

  • Understanding of How and What Kind of Content Works on the Social Media Platforms
  • Analytical Skills
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Creative and Innovative Mind
  • Strategy Planning and Execution

Pros & Cons of Social Media Management

Pros: The career of a social media manager lets you be updated with latest trends, drifts, fashion, styles and approaches. Being a social media manager, you interact with a lot of people on a daily basis, thus, creating the opportunity to learn new things every day.

Cons: Social Media Management is a time-consuming process, which takes some time to show the results, hence, making it bit monotonous job at times to wait for long periods. Since it is easy to access the social media platforms, customers frequently complain about the products and services you’re promoting to. Hence, you have to face the criticism on a daily basis every so often.

These are the top 10 high paying jobs in India, which can offer you a wonderful career and livelihood. However, getting into these professions isn’t a piece of cake, and requires a lot of diligence to make the things happen. A candidate must take many things into the account before making up their mind such as their ardour and inquisitiveness; overall growth of the desired field; what it takes to get into the certain profession, and many more. Moreover, students must be quite competent and proficient in their specific domain to grab the best opportunities. Hence, the proper guidance is must, and with the efforts and supervision of HTCampus, if you’d work hard, the sky is the limit for you!

(Note: These careers are not in a specific order. Hence, students are advised to ignore the sequence of these careers and select the suitable ones for them.)

HTCampus wishes you all the best!

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