Beyond DU Admission: A Hope that Should Persist!

Vinod Sharma updated on : 14 Jun 2018

If you haven’t found your name in any of the DU cut off lists so far, don’t feel disappointed. Rather, you need to look beyond DU and explore options more intelligently.

I am not an avid movie watcher and don’t actually remember which one I saw from start to end recently. But I can recall a line from the Aamir Khan’s blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’ – Kabil bano kamyabi Jhakh marte hue aapke peeche aayegi. Well, this is perhaps the line every student who didn’t find his/her name in any of the DU Cut off list should learn from. After all, it’s not about a college, course or subject you choose; it’s more about you, the way you perceive things and how you prepare yourself to face the afflictions and challenges that might come your way in future.

Well, we are going to discuss a couple of things in this article and as you might have perceived already what it’ll be all about – DU admission 2017 that is. So far, Delhi University has rolled out six cutoff lists, which most likely have filled 80-90 percent seats in most of the DU colleges in different campuses. Thousands of students will be still hoping against hope to secure a seat. But not all of them will get a seat; let aside the consideration for a course and college of their choice. Either or even neither of the two options would have been accepted just for that one coveted seat but many aren't  that fortunate to get such an option at all.  

Life doesn’t end with DU – So do the options!

Out of a massive 2.2 lakh plus student applications DU had received this year; only around 54,000 will get admission. Now the million dollar question that strikes – does this mean the end of the world? The answer to the question is obvious too – a big NO! Remember my dear students; neither life nor options end with Delhi University. All that you need to do is to explore options intelligently and remember you couldn’t do that at the last hour. Keeping the current DU cut off scenario in mind, we all know that there was a slight dip in the DU Cut-off List 2017, which made it difficult for the candidates to score admission in the course and college of their choice. So the next thing you could do is to consider reading further and know what’s still at hand.

Explore Options to the Left and Right of DU

All of us usually have options aplenty, but a few explore them intelligently. Those who could do it right on time are successful and those who don’t regret it later. Nevertheless, it’s your time to make the best out of the options at hand so that there is no need to repent later on. Now the question is how you do it? Look beyond DU and explore other universities in Delhi. The reason being, DU isn’t the only university in Delhi. There are more of them. You can always go to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) and Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD). You might not have found a college of your choice, but if you have a decent percentage, it’s highly likely that you get a course of your liking in any of the universities mentioned above.

Ever took a Shot at Gaming or ECA?

Those of you who are good in any games or have taken part in extracurricular activities during school time and have certificates for the same, never mind playing this card. The idea is just to explore and keep all your options open. After all, what’s the harm if it helps in securing a seat in any of the universities other than DU. If lucky enough, you can also get a seat under DU quota system, in which some seats are reserved for students from the sports background. 

Vocational Courses? Hell Yes!

Not many with higher pass percentage consider taking a vocational course for DU admission. Therefore; this is one of the areas where you can explore more rewarding vocational courses. The options are aplenty like Diploma in Yoga, Fashion Designing, Diploma in Food and Beverage, Digital Mechanic, Diploma in Automobile Engineering, Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in BBA, Diploma in Business Management, Bachelor Program in Journalism, Master of Business Executive, Supply Chain Management, Electronics & Communication and so on. Explore your options of Delhi University Vocational Courses and if you find something that matches your interests and aspirations, a vocational course will straightway define your career.   

Accept Hope, Disown Disappoint

Not in DU or any of the other universities of Delhi so far? So what? Keep your hopes alive and live with your dream. Did you consider IGNOU as of yet? If not, then consider finding out if IGNOU offers the course of your liking. After all, it’s about getting the desired education, knowledge of the field and trust me, rest will follow. At any juncture, while pursuing a college or a course, don’t’ lose hope. Be determined to make sure you explore every option in the field of your liking.

What’s there in a name?

When Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet that ‘What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, I am sure he knew that he is writing a golden line with a golden pen. This line is as relevant in the play as it is in today’s context. There is nothing in a college name and a popular course you want to take admission in. Your success comes from within you. It is and will always be about your dedication, perseverance, and hard work. Remember my friend; colleges are no more than just buildings with names. Had this not been the case, big names like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Jan Koum et al would not have been in the billionaire club today. 

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