Bihar School Board Revamps Exam System

Sarika Rana updated on : 07 Oct 2016

Facing dissension over the toppers swindle recently, Bihar School Examination Board has decided to upgrade its exam process to a technology-enabled platform. Read to know more.

Since the news of toppers’ scam broke, Bihar School Examination Board has constantly been questioned over his accountability. This controversy has led them to upgrade their rudimentary exam process to a technology enabled platform - right from the registration of students to evaluation of answer sheets. According to the BSEB, this upgrade will help cover the loopholes in the system and restore its credibility.

The BSEB is planning to change the entire examination system to change its prestige and conduct fair examinations without any loopholes. Following are the changes that will be included in the system-

  1. Answer-sheets will now change to horizontal.
  2. There will be a provision for Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) with bar coding.
  3. Answer sheets will be scanned to avoid their physical movement to evaluation of centres.
  4. These answer sheets will be available to the evaluators on their respective computer screens through the web.

The elimination of offline registration and introduction of online registration will have 90 percent of less chances of entering the name of the candidate and father wrongly.

Further, marksheets will have 12 security features, including new features like QR code, m-certificate and photo. The new software enabled feature will eliminate time-delays and trouble associated with physical verification of institutions by facilitating immediate online verification.

This step by BSEB is a welcoming change, as it will help the board to recognize its shortcomings and eliminate frauds in the future. This step will not only re-build the board’s prestige but also remove misgivings about the quality and merit of Bihar Board students.


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