BRIMS Visits Kokuyo Camlin & JSW Steel: A step forward for Industry Academia Connect

HTCampus Expert updated on : 27 Dec 2016

BRIMS students recently visited Kokuyo Camlin Ltd and JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd. as a part of their industrial visit! Read more here.

The students at Dr. V N Bedekar Institute of Management Studies (BRIMS) were fortunate to visit Kokuyo Camlin Ltd and JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd, Tarapur MIDC, under an industrial visit hosted recently to provide practical exposure to the students. The director of the institute Dr. Nitin Joshi encourages this kind of activity, which boosts students’ skills. This visit was planned by Prof Vibhuti S. and Prof Kanchan A. of Dr. VN BRIMS, to overview the students about how manufacturing industries work and their expectations from the millennial.
The team first visited Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. where students were addressed by Mr. Ajit Rane, Senior Human Resource Manager. He briefly explained them about the HR policies of their company, details about changes in Camlin post-merger with Kokuyo, their CSR initiatives, activities for enhancing employee’s satisfaction & engagement, which they consider as the most important. Talking about the manufacturing scenario of the company, their representative took the students through various processes like R&D of raw materials, mixing and fine-tuning of colors, filling & labelling of color bottles also manufacturing of crayons, oil pestles, acrylic colors, fabric colors etc. The process of making lead (pencil) came out as a surprise to students as it was a very comprehensive process. The students understood various Industrial Relations policies which they usually study in the classroom.
The journey continued and students visited JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd, where Mr. B Jadhav, Manager HR welcomed the students. They were then addressed by various delegates one among them was Mr. M.P. Gupta, Dy. GM, who gave valuable insights about plant and its history, others also shared about the processes of JSW and the HR policies of the company. Students were delighted to know the design and power generation process in detail especially of their thermal power plant which is one the Asia’s most effective and compact power plant located within the area of 3.80 acres. The company is engaged in three major processes i.e. Galvalume, Galvanizing and color coating. The company effectively implements 5’S Japanese technique along with proper inventory management using advanced technologies for uninterrupted production like accumulator and state of art machinery.
This visit came to end with enormous insights and practical knowledge received which a classroom study may not be provided. They got a fair idea about what they learn in the classroom and how it is implemented in the industries. The college is looking for more such insightful visits to organise in near future so that students get more exposure, to utilise their minds and to bridge the gap between industry and academia. 
HTC appreciates the initiative! 
SourceTejal Dilip Thakker, Farhad Maqbul Shaikh, HTCampus Specialist 

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