Career in Animation in India: Magic Beyond Imagination

Nitin Rao updated on : 31 Aug 2016

Let’s take a tour of career in animation in India, animation software, skills and job profiles available for animators in India here!

After dominating the western countries for almost five decades, animation industry has found a new hub in India. Despite its late arrival in India, the industry has been growing at a rapid pace and if statistics are to be believed, the rise will continue. The animation is an exciting, dynamic and growing field that offers a variety of career options that you can choose from. There is no dearth of the career in animation in India.

Career in Animation in India

Big studios and companies like Walt Disney, Sony Pictures & Turner Entertainment which are into production of animated films, TV ads and computer games, are off-shoring animation content to India. Many Indian animation studios and production houses are packed with work- be it the ones outsourced from abroad or the in-house projects for the market in India.

As of 2015, there are more than 300 animation studios in India, which are estimated to have employed more than 15,000 animation professionals. According to the FICCI KPMG 2015 report, the year 2014 saw the value of VFX grow the highest at 22 percent, followed by post-production at 15 per cent, animation production at 9 percent and animation services at 1 per cent.

Hence, the Indian animation industry is certainly facing a talent crunch. The field of animation promises to fascinate a large number of youngsters through its unique USPs which include glamour, fame, money and everything that one wants to achieve in their career.

Since the magnetism and charisma of the animation industry in India have been mounting rapidly, a significant number of students are up for exploring this domain through the various professional and degree courses that are being offered throughout the country.


Animation Software

Animation Software


Some of the relevant software that is being used by animators nowadays include:

Autodesk Maya

3D Studio Max

Adobe Photoshop

After Effects

Pixer’s RenderMan

Softimage XSI



Adobe Flash

ZBrush 4R6

Cinema 4D Prime

Toon Boom Studio 8

Illustrator CC

Premiere Pro CC

Mari 2.0v2


Along with the proficiency in this software, one must possess additional skills such as:

Obtaining expertise and additional skills are important, and so is a degree in animation or a relevant field. It cannot be disregarded that a degree in computer animation or allied areas would not only make you familiar with the basics of animation field but also give you in-depth information about how animation industry works and what is the role of an animator in producing an admirable creation.

A career in animation can be very exciting and electrifying for someone who truly loves watching cartoons and is fond of sketching. Animators are the ones fuelled with a creative, inventive and innovative mind who generate animation and visual effects for movies, video games, mobile devices etc. with the help of illustrations and other graphic tools. 

Prominent Job Profiles

3D Animator

3D Animator


3D animation is one of the most acknowledged fields one can opt for after obtaining a degree in animation. 3D animators create 3D motion graphics by using plenty of computer software and animation tools. The growth of employment opportunities for 3D animators can be projected with a simple fact that it takes almost 500 animators to make a 3D movie!


Character Designer

Animation Career in India


A Character Designer is the one who conceptualises and creates a special character for a video game or any other animation production. The role of a character designer can be defined as a combination of tasks of a game designer, illustrator and an animator. The work environment of a character designer can be a bit stressful and hectic, but not when the final pay check arrives!


3D Modeller

Career as Animator


3D Modeller is the one who designs three-dimensional visuals or objects for video games industry, television industry, advertisement business, film industry etc. You must be well versed with the various computer software and 3D model tools which are vital to create backgrounds, buildings, models and other elements required for the project.


Forensic Animator

Animation Career in India


Forensic Animators help crime investigators to generate evidence by reconstructing the crime scene, assaults, robberies and accidents etc. using full-motion computer graphics. A forensic animator can seek employment in various organisations such as investigative firms, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, government agencies, science and medical labs etc.


Visual Effects (VFX) Artist

Career in Animation


Whether it is the Dinosaurs roaming on the earth, Apes taking over the planet or Captain Jack Sparrow treading on the heels of treasure- in cinema, everything seems realistic. Such is the magic of visual effects. Visual effect is a technique used to enhance, alter or modify an ordinary scene to a distinctive panorama to give it a realistic touch. The job of the Visual Effects Artist starts in the post-production phase once the primary image capture is complete. Unceasingly, animation and VFX are being used interchangeably. However, animation is used for a longer period of time whereas VFX are used momentarily to endow more impact to a scene.


Animation Director

Career Options in Animation


An Animation Director is the person who recruits, coordinates and builds an animation team. He/she is the one who leads the squad of animators right from the beginning to the end of an animation production with their experience and advanced skill set. Furthermore, an animation director works in close proximity with the movie director and other relevant departments to communicate and interpret the briefs to the animation team.

Other than these job profiles, one can work in the capacity of a Character FX Artist (Hair/Cloth/Fur), Matte Painters, Layout Artist, Web Graphic Designer, Flash Animator, Multimedia Designer, Hair and Cloth Simulation Artist, Effects Director or Supervisor, Game Artist, Texture Artist, Water/ Flame/ Smoke Artists and much more.

So if you are one of those who have an exceptional sense of creativity, a thing for computer programming skills and are patient enough, the field of animation is worth exploring!

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