Career in IT: Job Definition and Skills Required

Nitin Rao updated on : 17 Mar 2016

Here are some skills and aptitude that you would need to have for a lucrative career in IT field.

Information Technology (IT) is a very broad term and is probably one of the few sectors that affect almost all the other sectors. No organization stands without having an active IT department. Acknowledging this rapid growth, a career in IT is very fruitful for the students having an interest in computer world.

Career in IT

Seeing the significant demand for highly-skilled workers in IT field, large number of students are attracted and drawn towards the lucrative careers in IT field. IT careers in India have become one of the most sought careers among students.

Job Description of an IT Professional:

IT career in India is not only about sitting in front of computer screen and doing coding all the day, it is also about developing, supporting and managing computer hardware, computer software and information networks. The liabilities and responsibilities of an IT professional may differ with the requirements of the organization. Mainly, an IT professional needs to work with his core team that includes programmers, technicians, database administrators, software engineers and other computer related employees. As an IT expert, you will need to strategize plans and upgrade hardware and software, troubleshoot the network issues and oversee the computer related problems.

Skills Required for IT careers in India:

IT Career


Interests in IT field: You must have keen interest in computers. Not just playing games and using entertaining applications, but understand the process of working of such software and games.

Active Learner: It is very important to be a good listener to understand the issues completely.

Upgrading Technology: Since, the technology upgrades every day, you must be up to date with day to day technology transformation.

Thinking Ability: You must be a critical thinker to provide solutions and conclusions.

Adept Programmer: As the field of IT is starts with programming, you must be an expert and proficient programmer to have a decent career in IT.

Mathematics Expert: Throughout your career, you will have to face such issues where you need to use your mathematics skills. So, you must be a good mathematician.

Motivation and Encouragement: Since, the popularity and development of IT career in India has increased in a few decades and is expected to grow more in the future, you would need to work with different types of people in the industry. You should motivate and stimulate the programmers and software engineers to work as per the instructions.

Flexibility: You will need to work in flexible timings and alternate shifts as per the requirements. You may have to stay back after office hours and carry work back home on peak days.

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