Career opportunities after LLB

Nidhi Mishra updated on : 23 Feb 2017

Conventionally, lawyers have donned roles in Legislature and Executive besides being integral to the Judiciary. With changing times, career opportunities after LLB have seen a further diversification and lawyers are making their way into domains, such as InfoTech and Cyber.

Career opportunities after LLB

Career opportunities after LLB - Standing for Legum Baccalaureus, a starting point of a career in law, LLB has been a sought after degree across societies and generations. In fact, the degree has retained its appeal even in times when information technology is opening rewarding career avenues. Finding reasons for LLB’s popularity is no rocket science. For long, the society has been dazzled by the affluence and influence that came with the degree. Adding to the appeal is the fact that few of the greatest men and women that the modern era has produced – Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln or others – were practising lawyers.

Additionally, a career in all three organs of the government – Legislature, Executive and Judiciary – is a possibility only for an LLB degree holder, as Judiciary only entertains professionals with a valid law degree. What endears LLB aspirants further is that courses are relatively easy, cost effective, and readily available vis-à-vis medical or engineering ones. We appreciate your decision to go for a law degree. Therefore, we are here not to let the knowledge deficit regarding career opportunities after LLB cast a pall over the mood. Go on reading and help yourself make appropriate career decisions.

  • Private Law Practice:

If you happen to ask your friend pursuing a law degree about his/her future endeavours, odds are high that the inclination will be for starting a private law practice. The preference for private practice, as one among the most preferred career opportunities after LLB, is understandable. As the essence of jurisprudence is justice to all, lawyers are the ones helping uphold it. As an advocate, you will be bringing your intimacy with law, tenacity, and creativity to the table to ensure favourable outcomes for the justice seeker. Though it is a tough job, the satisfaction you gain from helping the cause of justice will make up for the ordeal. The field does not disappoint you in terms of remunerations as well. While any esteemed advocate can conveniently earn in ten figures, starters can wheel in enough money to keep their body and soul together.

Yet another reason why private practice belittles other career opportunities after LLB is the diversity in specialisations. Resultantly, the private law practitioner has the liberty to pursue a career in a specialisation corresponding to his/her interests, aspirations, and career goals. Few of these find mention below.

o   Criminal Lawyer: Ending on the wrong side of the law is catastrophic for an individual’s career goals, social esteem, and life prospects. Often construed as professionals who circumvent the law, the criminal lawyers can save the day for individuals charged with petty and serious crimes, including homicide, rape, and so forth. Catering to all issues related to representation, such as, but not restricted to, bail, indictment, arrest, and pleas will be high on your agenda as a criminal lawyer.

o   Bankruptcy Lawyer: That bankruptcy lawyers are in demand presently is due to the help they provide when an individual or an organisation is contemplating bankruptcy proceedings. As a bankruptcy lawyer, your core competencies will include providing credible advice regarding the bankruptcy eligibility criteria and the bankruptcy form based on client’s individual situation. Additionally, bankruptcy attorneys are worth their salt for moneylenders looking to recover their outstanding dues.

o   Personal Injury Lawyer: As a personal criminal lawyer, you are pursuing one of the best career opportunities after LLB. Herein, you will be helping clients, receiving injuries for the fault or negligence of someone else, attain appropriate damages. Usually, personal injury lawyers do not charge upfront. Instead, they prefer taking a pre-agreed percentage of the total recovery, which may exceed their regular fee by several notches.

  Immigration Lawyer: As an immigration lawyer, you will be assisting expatriates to attain and retain their legal status. You will be answering clients’ call for help with diverse issues, such as citizenship, visas, green cards, and deportation. Patience, compassion and commitment towards your clients’ needs are the essential virtues.

o   Tax Lawyer: Given the heavy penalties and other serious consequences that defaulters are liable to, getting in a tussle with the Income Tax department is no fun. This speaks to the consistent demand that tax lawyers generate in India. Your primary task here will be to deliver bespoke solutions for tax issues taxing the client, who can either be a high worth individual or an organisation.

o   Corporate Lawyer: A law degree can offer you a rewarding career as a corporate lawyer. The job is best suited for professionals with in-depth knowledge of corporate law and proven negotiation and communication skills. Your core responsibility will be providing legal assistance in issues like company formation, corporate compliance, and general governance. Needless to say, your salary package will be a healthy one.

  • Judge:

Your quest for better career opportunities after LLB can help you don the role of a judge and bring a tangible change in the society. The intellectually stimulating job can offer you the much-needed career satisfaction. Social esteem, paraphernalia of state authority, along with the power and responsibility to deliver and implement justice come by default with the profile. The fact that judges are one of the highest paid government servants can be a motivator for anyone seeking career opportunities after LLB. The route to the bench either goes through years of noteworthy litigation practice or via union and state-level intake exams.

  • Corporate Legal Advisor:

One of the sought-after career opportunities after LLB, corporate legal advisor supports the day-to-day legal needs of an organisation with his knowledge and proactive approach. Herein, you may be required to research legal matters, analyse them while keeping the employer’s interests in perspective, and review relevant documents. Representing your organisation in the court of law and negotiating with concerned parties for out of the court dispute settlement is also a possibility with the profile. 

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