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A good PGDM course imparts the necessary managerial and leadership skills that you require to be successful in managing business operations in public and private firms. You can even be an entrepreneur, instructor, or researcher after doing PGDM.

While management may mean differently to different people, it has a set connotation in the field of academics. In Indian and global markets, management qualifications hold a special place. In the line of various management courses, many students opt for PGDM or post graduate diploma in management programmes. A PGDM course aims at honing the managerial and leadership skills of students so they can explore several career opportunities after PGDM and progress to reach top positions in management. In addition, it polishes the overall personality traits of students, ranging from their ability to communicate and take timely decisions to their problem-solving skills.

How to Pursue a PGDM Course

If you are looking forward to taking advantage of innumerable career opportunities after PGDM, then it is important to give the course a good start. For this purpose, you will need to know the best of PGDM programmes and conducting management institutions available in the country. It is essential that you gain your postgraduate management diploma from a reputed management institute, as not all types of diploma programmes and institutions are weighed highly by the industry. If you do a comparison of an MBA degree course against PGDM, then most recruiters would prefer MBAs to PGDM candidates.
To gain an edge while exploring career opportunities after PGDM, you should choose a good course out of a wide range of full-time, part-time, and correspondence PGDM programmes available in varied B-schools. You must be a graduate to pursue any PGDM programme. Depending on specific institutes, you may need to have a minimum score in graduation to pursue PGDM. You may also go for a chosen field of specialisation while doing a PGDM course. Based on your interest, you can specialise in the field of marketing, finance, HR, international business, IT, operations, etc. A postgraduate diploma can give you the essential knowledge of business administration and management aspects, as well as business planning, structuring, leading, and supervision.

Top Management Institutes for PGDM

All students dream of getting into the top colleges or B-schools for doing PGDM courses. Here, we give you a list (in no order) of some major institutions that are high on their reputation, quality of management education, infrastructure, facilities, resourcefulness, and placements. You should try seeking admission in these or other similar colleges that can offer appealing career opportunities after PGDM. You can choose a suitable regular, part-time, or correspondence programme in such an institute that can give you general, as well as specialised PGDM programmes. While general programmes let you enter varied types of jobs, specialised programmes may restrict your career choices to your domain. The opportunities are also limited in case you go for part-time or correspondence courses.

PGDM courses offered by the top PGDM institutes


S. No.

Top PGDM Institutes


PGDM Courses Offered


Indian Institute of Management


Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management


Indian Institute of Management


Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management


Shailesh J Mehta School of Management


Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management


International Management Institute

New Delhi

Post-Graduate Diploma in Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Working Executives, Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management


Xavier Labour Relations Institute School of Business and Human Resources


Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, PGDM (BM) Part time (JSR), Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Part Time)


T. A. Pai Management Institute


Post Graduate Diploma In Management


Agriculture And Food Management Institute


Post Graduate Diploma In Management (Agriculture Business)


Asia Pacific Institute Of Management

New Delhi

Post Graduate Diploma In Management (General), Post Graduate Diploma In Management programmes (Marketing, Banking and Financial Services, Executive, and International Business)


Management Development Institute


Post Graduate Diploma In Management, Post Graduate Diploma In Management (Human Resource Management)


Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies


Post Graduate Diploma In Management

Career Options Post PGDM

When you choose the right academic path instead of simply going through any management diploma course, you can take advantage of the right career opportunities after PGDM. Post PGDM, you can serve as a honed, skilled, and valuable management professional in varied jobs. Here are some promising roles you can take up in specific sectors:

Private sector jobs:

Private companies require management students in various roles in different operational units. If you have done your PGDM course from a renowned institution, then it becomes easier to be placed in top private firms that do campus placements. Else, you can apply for entry-level roles in departments of marketing, finance, human resources, IT, research, etc.
Career opportunities after PGDM in private companies are available in the form of positions like those of a management trainee, business manager, marketing assistant, finance executive, HR executive, and client relationship manager. The PGDM courses that are well recognised by the industry can fetch you higher-level jobs. However, you can expect decent starting pay packages that may even go up to 25k in top private companies.

• Public and manufacturing sector jobs:

The positions of business executives and managers in varied specialisations also exist in the public sector. However, you will have to keep track of the openings and apply timely, as these are limited at a given time. Moreover, you can go for operations management roles in manufacturing firms or industries. It can give you a strong base and exposure that you require to grow confidently in your profession. You may learn about the applications of management concepts in real time.

• Research organisations:

You can explore several career opportunities after PGDM even in research institutions and organisations. These organisations recruit management postgraduates as business analysts or analytical experts if they are good at mathematics.

• Business consulting:

Business advisory or consulting is another area that can be quite appealing to those trying to explore career opportunities after PGDM. While you can be a financial advisor in banking or financial institutions, you can also be an IT advisor in a tech firm. Every specialisation in management can equip you to be a consultant. You can choose the right position per your core subjects, aptitude, and interest. Business consulting gives you both full time and freelancing options.

Teaching jobs:

If you want to stay in touch with academics, then the best idea is to teach students at management institutes or coaching institutes that prepare students for management entrance exams. These jobs can also pay you well.

• Entrepreneurship:

A good PGDM course can equip you with managerial, leadership, problem solving, and communication skills that are required to be a successful entrepreneur. Thus, entrepreneurship is another great option you may consider.

• Progression within your company:

If you are an experienced professional who has completed an executive PGDM course, then you do not need to worry about career opportunities after PGDM. Your display of managerial skills at your job will ensure your progression to higher positions within your company. If you find better opportunities outside your own firm, then you may explore them too.

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