Career Opportunities in Maths

Nidhi Mishra updated on : 22 Feb 2017

Some choose mathematics for the sheer love of it while others use it as a platform for a rewarding career path. For those belonging to the latter category, career opportunities in Maths may range from actuarial analysis, chartered accountancy, teaching, investment banking, and retail banking among others.

Career Opportunities in Maths

Career Opportunities in Maths - Mathematics, as an intellectual pursuit, is painstaking and challenging yet integral to the advancement of humanity. After all, it is the “poetry of logical ideas” and the language that the almighty wrote the universe with. A degree in mathematics can take you to places, as innumerable successful professionals across sectors will testify. As per popular sentiment, a mathematician is an individual with evolved reasoning, logical, and problem-solving skills. Contextually, the global recruiter community appreciates and acknowledges these attributes. If your quest for knowledge about career opportunities in Maths has brought you here, we take the onus to keep you informed. We offer you the information and you do the math and make the move accordingly.

  • Actuarial Analyst:

A role as Actuarial Analyst is one of the many career opportunities in maths that aspirants are more inclined to pursue. The deluge that Actuarial Analysis is gathering stems from the handsome remunerations coming with the profile. Currently, employers are paying upwards of INR 15,00,000 per annum for an actuarial analyst with some credence.

  • Responsibilities: You core competencies will encompass assessing risk by applying relevant statistical formulas. Making sense of data using spreadsheets and specifically designed software and reporting computations will be high on your agenda. Your profile may require you to keep fellow actuaries upbeat with technical support required for generating statistical reports and other related tasks. You, as well, may need to convey your findings in easily comprehensible formats to benefit the non-specialists.
  • Skills Required: Actuarial Analysis is for you if you are at ease at finding solutions for complex mathematical problems and data analysis. Thorough knowledge of advanced modelling and statistics is a requisite. Since the job involves dealing with specific software, an aptitude for IT applications will come in handy. Given the scope of the profile, you will need to apply yourself to the fullest and work for long hours.
  • Chartered Accountant:

The seekers of career opportunities in maths often venture into the world of chartered accountancy and reap the associated benefits, including high salaries and the option to work in a suitable setting. Your initial package may range from INR 4 Lakhs to INR 8 Lakhs, depending on the organisation and its vision for the future. Adding to your paycheck will be various allowances, profit-sharing schemes, and performance based increments.

  • Responsibilities: As a chartered accountant, you wear many hats at a time depending on the setting you prefer to work in. Your primary role across all settings will be to keep the employer’s growth prospects lively with sound, professional advice. In addition, you need to monitor and manage financial systems and budgets on a consistent basis. Auditing accounts periodically and keeping the management current on the organisation’s financial status are also an integral part of the profile. You are more likely to end up initiating and accomplishing financial reporting, forensic accounting, and business recovery on your organisation’s behalf.
  • Skills Required: The job is high profile and hence, remunerations are typically earned. You need to display attributes like professional competence, accuracy, tenacity, and focus at all times.
  • Teaching:

One of the sought-after career opportunities in maths has to be teaching. The fact that it is an integral part of elementary, middle, and secondary curriculums in India makes the field recession free. Though salaries are not as high, the social esteem associated with the job is good enough to make up for the average remunerations. Moreover, the profession allows you to further your education or research endeavours while keeping the income stream intact.

  • Responsibilities: Your core responsibility is to introduce youngsters to the world of numbers and further their knowledge through age and ability specific lessons. Responsibilities like checking assignments, monitoring student’s progress, and providing timely and accurate feedback come by default. In addition, you may be required to prepare higher secondary level students for competitive exams.
  • Skills Required: Since students perceive you as the go-to guy for everything mathematics, keeping yourself updated with the subject is crucial. Eye for selecting and using varied teaching resources to promote better understanding will be appreciated. Additionally, dealing with students will be hard if patience and compassion are not your virtues.
  • Investment Banking:

Investment banking can be your pick from one of the many career opportunities in maths for reasons not too far to seek. Conventionally, it has been a top career choice exclusive for talented and hard working individuals. Despite the bad press, it attracted lately, investment banking continues to reward the deserving with good money, social esteem, and stable career.

  • Responsibilities: You will be keeping high-net-worth individuals, corporations, and governments profitable with specialised financial advice and related services. Your knowledge and efforts will prove crucial for clients considering mergers and acquisitions. As well, trading on the client’s behalf may be high on your agenda.
  • Skills Required: Evolved numerical and analytical skills and familiarity with the nuances of finance and changing market trends are requisite. Good interpersonal and negotiation skills will keep you poised for growth.
  • Retail Banking:

The list of career opportunities in maths is incomplete without the inclusion of retail banking. As a retail banker, your paycheck is healthy, work hours are convenient, and chances of lateral growth and early responsibility are bright.

  • Responsibilities: Wearing many hats at a time is a norm when it comes to retail banking. Your core competencies may include, but not limited to, general management, staff management, compliance, risk assessment, finance, and provision of financial services to individuals and businesses of varied sizes.
  • Skills Required: As you may have to don a customer facing role, cultivating communication skills and team spirit make sense. Key personality traits like customer centric approach, integrity, and congeniality will help you keep clients in high spirits.

Other Viable Options:

Besides aforementioned career opportunities in maths, you can pursue many other viable options, including cryptography, biomathematics, operations research, statistical research, systems development, and investment analysis, as per your interest and career aspirations.  

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