Career Options after 12th Arts

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After completing your 12th standard in arts stream, you have innumerable career options. You can take up entry-level jobs, go for undergraduates courses in your favourite subject, or take up a professionally oriented programme.

Career Options after 12th Arts

Career Options after 12th Arts - Passing your 12th standard examination brings you at a stage where a wrong career choice can be disastrous to your personal and professional future. Whether you are exploring career options after 12th science or arts, you need to start your life with the right opportunity. Take a step in the direction that attracts you. For instance, if you are exploring career options after 12th commerce or career options after 12th commerce with maths, you must know whether you want to take up a CA course or a management degree in finance.

Similarly, it is critical to get the right guidance when you are looking for career options after 12th arts, as the common stream leads to innumerable directions. The resulting confusion can be problematic for arts stream students. To help you avoid getting lost or taking a wrong decision at such a critical stage of your career, we offer some much-needed guidance to you. Find out here about the fields you may explore when you complete your 12th standard in arts stream. Working hard in any of these fields can fetch you a great professional career in future. Thus, get started right.

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Check out the Career Options after 12th with Arts

Undergraduate Degree Programmes:

While exploring career options after 12th arts, the first option that rightly comes to the mind of a student is an undergraduate degree programme in his/her chosen subject. While you study multiple subjects in 12th class, you can specialise in your subject of interest when you go for a Bachelor of Arts or BA course. If you have not scored well in the 12th exam, then do not lose hope. You can pursue a BA (Pass) course. However, if you have good scores, then prefer a BA (Honours) course with specialisation in your favourite subject.

BA (Honours) course can serve as one of the best career options after 12th arts, as it gives you a direction to follow in order to end up with enriched professional opportunities in your chosen subject area. Additionally, you get many subject choices for a BA (Honours) course. You may pursue your graduation in subjects like history, economics, geography, psychology, sociology, English, languages, political science, public administration, philosophy, and fine arts. In fact, you can also have some less-common choices like that of creative writing. On the other hand, it is important that you pursue your BA degree from a good college or university. Let us tell you about some nice college choices you may consider.

Major College Choices after 12th Arts:

S. No.



BA (Hons.) Subjects Available


Lady Shriram College for Women, DU

New Delhi

Elementary education, history, philosophy, Sanskrit, English, journalism, political science, sociology, economics, Hindi, mathematics, statistics, psychology


St. Stephen's College, DU

New Delhi

Economics, English, history, philosophy, Sanskrit


Loyola College


Economics, English, history, sociology, Tamil literature


Miranda House, DU

New Delhi

English, Hindi, economics, political science, sociology, history, philosophy, geography, mathematics, Sanskrit, Bengali, music


Christ University


Economics, English, languages, media studies, music, philosophy and theology, psychology, education, social work, sociology, and theatre and performing arts


Madras Christian College


English, Tamil, history, economics, philosophy, political science, journalism


Fergusson College


Economics, English, French, German, Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, history, geography, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology


Stella Maris College


History and tourism, sociology, economics, English


Hansraj College, DU

New Delhi

Economics, English, Hindi, history, Sanskrit


Ramjas College, DU

New Delhi

Economics, English, Hindi, history, Sanskrit, music, political science


Jesus and Mary College, DU

New Delhi

Economics, English, Hindi, history, political science, psychology, sociology,


Kamala Nehru College, DU

New Delhi

Journalism, economics, English, Hindi, geography, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, Sanskrit, sociology,

Professional Courses:

Although the above-listed colleges and many such reputed colleges in India offer BA (Pass) and BA (Honours) courses in various subjects, you can also find good career options after 12th arts by taking up a professional course. You can do a Bachelor of Business Management or Bachelor of Hotel Management course. These courses are professional in nature and can open several good positions for you after course completion. You may go into business operations management in any specialised field like HR, marketing, finance, IT, or international business.

Apart from this, you can pursue law by doing an LLB course or take up programmes in the fields of journalism, mass communication, filmmaking, media management, fashion design, interior design, and event management. Other career options after 12th arts include professional programmes in the domains of photography, cinematography, jewellery making, fine arts, and performing arts. These fields mostly appeal creative students who want to make a name as great artists. You also have the choices of travel and tourism courses, beautician courses, and air ticketing courses. If you want to move to another area like commerce, you may do that with a CA/CS course that allows students from any stream.

Teaching and Educational Opportunities:

While you can explore many career options after 12th arts, teaching remains a dream of many students who want to be involved with students of all ages. This lets them learn throughout their life and gives challenging opportunities, as well as offers good progress within a teaching institution. Thus, now is the time when you can lay a strong foundation for your teaching career. To start with, you should pursue a Bachelor’s and then Master’s course in education and then later take up professional exams to enter the teaching profession at the desired level. You may also do a counselling course if you wish to help and guide people with a variety of issues.

BPO Jobs:

You may be the one who is good at communication skills but does not want to pursue academics as of now. In certain circumstances, it also becomes impossible for some students to continue their studies and they have to take up a job. If you feel that you do not want to explore other career options after 12th Arts, then you can apply for jobs in the leading BPOs in the country. You may find many job opportunities at the entry level in BPOs, where you will get to interact with a variety of clients and handle backend operations. This can further polish your communication skills, as well as add to your client relationship management experience.

The gain of professional skills right at this stage can be helpful in future when you improve your academic qualifications and grow within your firm to grab experienced profiles. With a short typing or computer course, you can also explore jobs in the government sector or some private companies that require assisting personnel for drafting, typing, or computer work. Now, whether you have scored well or not at the 12th standard exam, you always have certain types of advantageous career options after 12th arts. Thus, boost yourself and think of your areas of interest and aspirations to find the most suitable career for yourself.

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