Career options in Political Science

Career options in Political Science


After graduation in political science, you can pursue law or careers in a range of different areas from management to government services, journalism and international relations

If you wish to pursue a career in political science, there are a variety of options available in this field such as politics, public administration, international relations and so on. 


A study of political science helps develop not only reasoning and analytical abilities but also communication skills, both oral and written. In addition, the new syllabus pursued in most of the top universities also hones your skills in data analysis and computer usage. Therefore, you can pursue law or careers in a range of different areas from management to government services, journalism and international relations after graduation in political science.


Law is a popular choice of political science graduates. While political science is not required for admission to law school, those who do take it up find the course extremely useful in their legal careers, which can range from private practice to civil, constitutional or corporate law.


After taking a degree in political science, you can also take up a postgraduate degree or diploma in business management to build skills in analysis and communication required in many fields of management including marketing, personnel, advertising, public relations, international business, banking and finance. You can specialise in fields such as international business, export-import, retail or supply chain management.


Political science graduates can also look at joining the media as political ournalists/analysts/researchers. Newspapers, as well as television channels require individuals capable of understanding and communicating the significance of political events. With the increased emphasis on investigative and political journalism, there are many opportunities for those who understand politics, and can research problems or events, and write clear coherent stories. There are many PG diploma courses in journalism and mass communication.


Source: HT Education


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