Career Options after MBA in Agri-Business

Nishatha Abraham Bijeesh updated on : 17 Jul 2017

Are you an MBA aspirant? Do you wish to seek a career in Agricultural Business? Know all about the career prospects after an MBA in Agri-business!

Agri-business MBA

Agri-business explores the production, marketing and trading of products related to agriculture. The MBA programme also covers improved growing techniques, agricultural machinery, fertiliser, pesticides pre- and post- harvest handling, storage, transportation, packaging and labelling. Critical management issues as financing and technical assistance, preparation of products for exports, overseas marketing issues and government policy are also an integral part of the programme. Some of the optional courses offered in an Agri-Business Management Programme are Agricultural Finance/Banking, Agro Processing, International Agriculture and Trade Policy, Logistics and Infrastructure Management in Agriculture, Marketing of Agricultural Inputs, Management of Technology for Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Advertising etc.

Career Options after MBA in Agribusiness:

  • Marketing manager – Agribusiness
  • Research Analyst – Agricultural commodities
  • Meat marketing manager
  • Flour mill manager
  • Agricultural loan officer
  • Grain Merchandiser 

Career Prospects after MBA in Agribusiness:

A non-corporate sector like agriculture now is in urgent need of young & dynamic managers and entrepreneurs for improving its performance. If you have a passion for this sector and are armed with an MBA in Agribusiness Management, then the time is right for you to make it big in this industry. The agriculture scene in India is rapidly evolving and fresh agricultural graduates who have been trained in various management strategies are in great demand. There a lot of agro-based companies which have come up in the last decade which have shifted their focus from a traditional production-oriented approach to a market-oriented one. Such companies also need qualified graduates for efficient management. There has been substantial value-addition in agri-products, standardisation of the value chain, a growing interest of the private sector in the primary sector, integration of agriculture with the input supply industry as well as with processing, distribution and marketing.

In fact, this area is booming and offering good opportunities for the management professionals who don’t shy away from dealing with farmers or visiting rural areas.In fact, there are much more agribusiness careers than there are qualified people to fill them. All this provides ample opportunities for experts in the field. There is also an increasing demand for export and processing of agricultural products. If you have entrepreneurial inclinations, this sector provides you with ample opportunities to start your own venture. 

How to get there?

Agribusiness is all about conducting successful business in the food and agriculture related sectors. It should not be confused with agriculture. Students are taught business in this course. Nevertheless, a background in agriculture is the first step towards entering this world. Students who have graduated in agriculture or allied sectors are preferred.Applicants need to have graduated in agriculture/horticulture/forestry/ABM or allied sciences or Biological Sciences (Botany, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Microbiology) with 60 % marks. The aspiring candidates need to clear either common entrance exams like CAT/MAT or give institute specific test. The final selection is based on the over-all scores obtained by the candidate in the entrance test followed by a round of Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Skills required for an MBA in Agribusiness:

  • A keen interest in the field of agriculture
  • A highly practical business sense
  • Should have no hassles dealing with farmers, visiting rural areas.

Remunerations are getting heftier year after year in this field. You can start off with an annual salary of Rs 4-15 lakh. This is a field where you “reap as you sow”. Work hard and take home the benefits.

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