MBA in Marketing: Careers, Skills and Jobs!

Nitin Rao updated on : 09 Aug 2017

Check out careers after MBA in Marketing, skills required and jobs opportunities after MBA in Marketing & find out why MBA in Marketing is a good choice for MBA students.

Marketing is one of the popular streams in MBA. Every year, a large number of students opt for MBA in Marketing across the country. Since marketing is something that generates business and revenue for the company, MBA in Marketing graduates with good marketing skills are always in high demand. There are various career options for MBA in Marketing graduates with good interpersonal communication, analytical knowledge, influencing and negotiation skills etc.

Career in MBA Marketing

What is 'Sale'?

The term 'Sales' refers to the business of selling goods or services. Often referred to as personal selling, Sales involves communicating with potential customers, informing them about certain products and persuading them to buy.

Sales management is essentially about maximising a company’s sales to the recipient organisations. The sale is a direct function. The actual act of selling a product follows marketing activities like brand building and awareness creation. It is the beginning of the revenue cycle for the company. When a purchase order is made, a sale is generated. It is completed when the goods or services are supplied, billed and payment collected. Selling has been practised for thousands of years. The earliest remains of prehistoric people indicate that they traded in various products.

Many of the earliest writings are sales orders and other commercial records, indicating that ancient people had a complex trade network. The industrial revolution of the 1700s and early 1800s underlined the importance of selling. As nations expanded and economies grew, a salesperson’s duties and responsibilities changed. Selling became recognised as a profession that requires special training and skills. With the expansion of new markets, selling has become increasingly international in its scope of activity.

Skills for MBA Marketing

  • Command over language, both spoken and written
  • Ability to persuade and influence people
  • Awareness of general business scenario
  • A knack of listening well
  • Ability to devise and offer solutions to the customer’s problem areas
  • Analytical ability
  • Good reasoning power
  • Skill with numbers
  • Basic computer knowledge and good presentation skills, especially PowerPoint

Important facts about Sales & Marketing Professionals

  • Defined career growth path
  • Career progression largely dependent on one’s performance
  • Opportunity to travel, see places, meet people
  • Opportunity to build contacts, both professional and personal
  • Good financial rewards, based on one’s performance and targets achieved
  • Not a 9-to-5 job
  • Ruthless competition
  • Since targets must be met, work-life balance is difficult
  • Over and above the long hours, one may have to stay away from family for days areas

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