A Career in Pharmacy in India

Nitin Rao updated on : 17 Feb 2016

Here are some skills and educational requirements to pursue a successful Career in Pharmacy in India.

Career in Pharmacy in India

Pharmacy, also known as Pharmacology, is the study of preparing, mixing, dispensing or compounding drugs, pills, tablets, ointments or injections. It is the science of research and production of drugs. Since the health care sector has shown an enormous growth in a short span of time, the career growth of medical field has also increased, especially with respect to a career in pharmacy in India.

Pharmacists are liable to manufacture pharmaceutical products, develop the techniques of production and execute the quality control of the medications. They also prescribe the correct usage of medication and make the users aware of the possible side effects of the drug.

Skills Needed to Pursue a Career in Pharmacy in India

Proficiency in R&D:

Since the pharmacy field is all about researching on the development and progress of manufacturing the drugs, you must be very competent to work in R&D.

Be up to date:

You must be aware of the developments and advancements in the field of pharmacy to pursue a successful career in pharmacy in India.

Knowledge of technology:

As the usage of technology has been growing day by day, you must have the knowledge of operating computers and other electronic gadgets that are used in the production of medications.

Hard work:

Manufacturing drugs requires very hard work and concentration as it is a very complicated task wherein one cannot afford any mistake while manufacturing or researching on a drug.

Logical and analytical mind:

Pharmacy career in India only requires researchers with logical thinking, analytical ability and observation skills.

Communication skills:

Since pharmacists are required to guide the users about the side effects and safety instructions to use the drug, they should have good communication skills to communicate safety guidelines and general information about the product.


The field of pharmacy requires patience for research work. As the research on medication takes time to complete, the researchers should have patience and endurance.

Educational requirements to become a Pharmacist:

A number of pharmacy colleges offer various undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy courses across the country. To enter in the field of pharmacy, you can opt for D Pharmacy program. Furthermore, you should pursue B Pharmacy and M Pharmacy courses to get numerous pharmacy jobs in India. Also, you should be assured that your degree must be recognized by the Pharmacy Council of India.

Career in Pharmacy in India

There are various career opportunities for a pharmacist in various government and private organizations such as pharmaceutical industries, government departments, colleges and universities, hospitals, investigation and research institute etc. They can also find jobs in food and cosmetic industries.l

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