A Career in Sociology in India

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Explore opportunities of a career in sociology in India, and the specializations of sociology and job prospects of sociologists here!

Career in Sociology

Sociology is the study of society and the human social behaviour and relationships. It is the science of understanding the social interactions of people and emphasising on the impact of various cultures on each other. A career in sociology in India depends on the subjects you have studied in your degree course. Since sociology is a vast field, the career options in sociology in India are also immense.

Specializations of Sociology:


Applied Sociology

Collective Behaviour


Comparative Sociology

Crime and Delinquency

Cultural Sociology


Deviant Behaviour

Sociology of Education

Human Ecology

Industrial Sociology

Law and Society

Marriage and Family

Medical Sociology

Military Sociology

Political Sociology

Sociology of Religion

Urban Sociology

Social Psychology

Social Control

Rural Sociology

Sociological Theory

Formal and Complex Organizations


Furthermore, the field of sociology can be divided into two divisions that is; societal and global. At the societal level, the job of sociologist is to identify the circumstances and surroundings such as schools and education, business and professions, paucity and prosperity, crime and justice etc. At the global level, the roles of sociologist are to analyse the causes and consequences of pollution and population, relations between countries, economic development, war and peace etc.

A career in sociology in India can lead you to pursue a successful career in social services, education, welfare services, government, criminal justice, counselling, communications and several others.

Job of Sociologist

In a culturally and historically rich country like India, there is a great need of sociologists. The primary task of a sociologist is to research and accumulate the knowledge about the social life. Based on the data collected, they research on the impacts and influences of the human behaviours to build up social relationships and social structures. Sociologists study about the similarities and differences in the nature of several kinds of humans. They analyse the human behaviour, which is greatly influenced and governed by social, religious and legal norms.

There are various career opportunities in the field of sociology. Sociologist can work in various private and public organizations such as hospitals, clinics, social service organizations, criminal justice, law, media, schools and colleges etc.

Education Requirements to Become A Sociologist

To become a sociologist, you should pursue a graduate degree, preferably with Sociology at Bachelors level. After obtaining the Bachelors degree, you should opt for a Masters degree with specialization in Sociology as most organizations prefer students with postgraduate degree in Sociology.

Job Prospects of Sociologist

The job profiles you can apply for after an MA Sociology degree are:

  • Sociologist
  • Social Worker
  • Social Critic
  • Counsellor
  • Journalist
  • Market Survey Research
  • Social Researcher
  • Lecturer
  • Human Resource Manager

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