Careers After 12th in Animation and Multimedia

Jayita Ekka updated on : 01 Aug 2017

Come and explore the most upcoming domain in the field of technology, art and design- Animation and Multimedia, your highway to a shining future.

Careers After 12th in Animation and Multimedia

Welcome to the world where images are given an illusion of life. Animation and Multimedia are the new Vogues in town. Candidates acing the skill of adding life to images and turning them into real characters are the demand of the hour and that is why the industry is on the lookout for such professionals. Going by the latest trends, technology is scaling new heights and professionals who put these new tools to use have a major scope in the future.

The year 2014 saw a remarkable growth of 13% in the animation industry, visual graphics (VFX) segment and post production industry in the entertainment sector. Candidates, who have just given their Class 12th Board Exams and have still not zeroed down on the various options available, must consider investing their career in the animation and multimedia sector. It is an upcoming field that has a promising future. Various fields that make use of the marvels and creativity of the sector are listed below.

Game Design

Game Design is a relatively new field which has emerged as an attractive option for our current generation. It is essentially the conceptualization, design and implementation of new technologies to make a video game reach to a greater public through various mediums – computer, gaming consoles etc. It requires technical skills, patience, ideas, vision and analytical thinking with a creative bent of mind.

As per the FICCI- KPMG Indian Media and Entertainment Report 2015, the simultaneous developments in the mobile and gaming industry increased the share of the overall gaming market in India by a little more than 22 per cent in 2014. With the current trend, the gaming industry is expected to grow to INR 45.8 Billion in 2019 from INR 23.5 Billion, recorded in 2014.

Job Prospects

As a game designer, you can work with game production companies, creative agencies, websites, e-commerce sites etc.


Animators are artists who are proficient in creating motion and shape change illusion by making use of rapid display of a sequence of static images. These static images are slightly different from one another and due to the rapid change, an illusionary motion is created. The specialities could range from visual design, 2D and 3D animation, audio-video synchronization, technical writing, author-based programming, art direction and production, to motion graphics, interactive design, publishing, special effects, game design, 3D modelling and interface design.

Job Prospects

Animation has a vast scope in the industry these days. It is extensively used in areas of news broadcast and programming, defence, legal fields, medicine, architecture, design etc. In an emerging era of digital content creation, a large number of jobs opportunities are being created for Animators through games, apps and other exclusive features for use in Ipad, iPod, tab, mobile programming and applications as well. The animation is also used in movies, television and advertising industries due to the excessive use of special effects.

Colleges offering Animation Courses


Visual Designing

The visual depiction of a story by making use of elements like signs, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, advertising, animation colour and electronic resources is called visual designing. The courses under this domain explore the scope and demands of the contemporary markets and consists of expressing and illustrating a story visually.

Job Prospects

You can create brand identity through imaging, sequential imaging and print advertising. The subjects usually include web designing, graphic designing, publishing, video making/editing etc. Graphic or

Graphic Design

Graphic Design makes use of visual communication skills with the help of type, space and image. Graphic designers make use of various methods to combine words, symbols and image like typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to visually depict ideas and messages. Graphic Design is a subset of communication and visual design but they are often used interchangeably due to common skill sets involved.

Job Prospects

Publishers, marketing firms, advertising firms, news firms and companies that offer specialized design services are the ones hiring a creative lot of graphic designers.

Colleges offering Graphic Design courses in India

Product Design

Product Design involves the skills to perfectly blend art, science and technology to create new products that can be sold to prospective buyers. A similar thought process is involved in improving the already existing products of the organization. Extensive research about the latest trends and consumer behaviour form the basis of the product design to create the best products in the market.

Job Prospects

Product Designers are in demand everywhere – be it in manufacture or marketing of products, research in both private & public sector.  Self-employment or design-based consultancy or the internet and e-commerce companies – there is a requirement everywhere.

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