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Anjani Chaand updated on : 17 May 2016

Explore avenues in marketing and contribute to your company’s business growth!

National campaigns such as Make in India and Startup India are gaining immense appreciation and popularity among the people of the country. Apart from the growth trend seen in context to traditional businesses, multinational set ups developing within India, etc; potential initiatives like these not only aid in the overall development of our country, but also create a plethora of job opportunities across various sectors and industries. As a result, it is predicted that competition, in the coming years, is only going to get tougher. Hence, to cater to the same, it will eventually become extremely important to promote one’s products/ services/ companies in such a way that they not only gain wide presence and approval, but also become a medium of value addition to the organisation as a whole. That’s where marketing comes into play!

According to a popular definition given by the American Marketing Association (AMA), "Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large."Marketing is like the driving force of a company’s success. It cannot be denied that it takes a great deal to convince people and sell one’s idea in an effective manner. A lot of effort and commitment along with creativity and self- motivation is required while working to excel in this domain.

Scope of Marketing

When you think of marketing as a career, or for that matter any career path, the first thing that comes to your mind is which all industries provide opportunities for a fruitful and successful career in that field. The thing with marketing is that it is relevant across all sectors and offers numerous prospects for any aspiring candidate. It is both, a profit making as well as a customer satisfaction centric activity. One is involved in the study of consumer needs and behavior, production planning and development, determining pricing policies, distribution and promotional actions of the business in order to fulfill its primary objective of ensuring customer contentment in a budgeted controlled manner.

The need for efficient marketing professionals in a country like India has been increasing steadily over the years. Testament to that is the rise in awareness levels of the consumers across the country. They have become extremely knowledgeable and selective about the product/service they buy.

How to get there?

The best way to get into marketing is through pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC), or Bachelor of Arts (BA) etc. at the undergraduate level. It will help you understand the dynamics of a business environment at large. However, in order to catch up with the above mentioned demand, the education sector has come up with a variety of specialised courses with industry-specific curriculum designs for students willing to pursue a career in marketing, but mostly at a post graduate level. There are a large number of professional diploma and certificate courses that are offered in the institutes and universities throughout the country.

Fields of Marketing

Marketing is a vast field. Specific areas such as marketing research, marketing communications, market analysis, media buying, advertising, branding, public relations etc. all come under the marketing umbrella. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular fields of marketing:

Marketing Research: Defining a decision related problem faced by the business and determining the research design for the same is the basis of marketing research. It means to identify data types and sources; prepare data collection forms and questionnaires, finalise sample size and collect data. Post that, analysis and interpretation of the data procured to prepare a research report is done following which the decision is taken by the management.

Career Prospects: Marketing Research Analyst, Marketing Research Executive, Fieldwork Manager, Brand Manager, Account Executive, Sample Specialist, Moderator etc.

Marketing Communications (MarCom): A strategic component of the marketing function, MarCom deals with the processes and communication media used to reach the target market. It is aimed at creating a niche for a particular product/service while segmenting the audience, targeting and positioning the brand in a desirable manner.

Career Prospects: Marketing Communications Representative, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Content Marketer, Media Relations Executive, Copywriter, Marketing Communications Specialist etc.

Advertising: It is the process of acquiring the attention of the public or target group in order to persuade them to consider the particular brand while carrying out the purchasing activity. It focuses on attracting new customers as well as retaining the present ones. Advertising activities are carried out through the use of creative concepts to communicate the features and benefits of a company’s products and services thereby leading to increased revenue.

Career Prospects: Account Executive, Advertising Buyer, Media Coordinator, Target Marketing Specialist, Media Buyer, Media Research Analyst, Client Strategist etc.

Public Relations (PR): It is a field of marketing that works towards anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion; creating and maintaining a positive image of the company so as to establish a strong relationship with the audience. It is carried out using a variety of tools and techniques such as providing press releases, participating in public events, conferences, awards, etc. Effective PR can help manage the reputation of the company by communicating and building good relationships with all organisation stakeholders.

Career Prospects: PR Assistant, Event Coordinator, Internal & External Communication Specialists, Publicity Coordinator, PR & Events Advisor, PR & Promotions Manager etc.

Online Marketing: It involves the use of various methodologies, internet tools and solutions to promote a product/ service through the internet. Since, everything and anything is going the digital way these days, the field of online marketing is a promising one and will have a lot to offer in the coming time. Use of email marketing, social media, display ads etc. is a major part of the field.

Career Prospects: Social Content Specialist, New Media Specialist, Email Marketing Manager, Internet Marketing Analyst, Internet Strategy Analyst, Social Media Planner, Social Marketer etc.

Not all glitz and glamour is what drives the marketing industry. It requires you to be energetic and willing to take up challenges to work in a competitive environment as well. The field not only offers job diversity, but also enables you to be fast paced in enhancing your career. 

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